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  1. I believe C. I know the holes are definitely round as opposed to rectangular so it’s not G.
  2. It often happens, but should be able to be corrected. I don’t have to deal with arguing about it with Royal because i let my travel agent do that (ty @michelle!) but I know she has mentioned multiple times when I was repricing a Next cruise booking that she got the price reduction and just had to call Royal to have them add the OBC manually back on the reservation. It seems like the computer auto drops it, but unlike OBC that is the result of a promo like a Wow Sale, NC OBC follows repricing and other changes. It should definitely follow a simple room category change because it followed me when I changed the sailing date and cruise ship on a next cruise booking I changed before the end of the no penalty change period.
  3. Lol the last time I tried asking about it on periscope he said that you had stolen my phone ?
  4. And she’s still working on the T-shirts! Hey @Lovetocruise2002 now that you are officially a mod, doesn’t that give you special input powers over the merch selection??? ?
  5. Oh YIKES calling you out over the mic is super awkward. I would have died.
  6. I have also never been approached for pictures except at the pier but I always chalked it up more to my northeastern power walking and semi RBF (resting bitch face). Those two things serve me quite well in port though!
  7. On an Oasis/Quantum class which Allure is? ABSOLUTELY. Not only will you get double points, but you get access to dinner in Coastal Kitchen which has food to rival the specialty restaurants and phenomenal service. Also you get to go through suite security and boarding which lets you get on the ship faster. Also directly behind Chops is not a busy section. You don't hear any noise from Central Park as it is one of the quieter areas anyway and it also has a wall between where Chops is and the hallway for the rooms. I stayed in a JS on deck 8 on Allure in May and LOVED it. You can see my liveblog of it (including raving about CK) in my signature.
  8. From ANY restaurant, it would be the ribeye in Coastal Kitchen, the chocolate cake in Giovanni's and the roast beef sandwich with gravy at Park Cafe if you catch them at the right time. If you get them starting in on a new hunk of meat on the ends then it isn't as good. But if you get the more rare parts of the middle? Chef kiss. And for CK, I found the ribeye to be almost as tender but MUCH more flavorful than the filet and it just fell apart in my mouth. I think I literally closed my eyes when eating it at one point. ETA pictures: Ribeye (LOOK HOW MUCH MEAT omfg that’s 2 pieces there) And I forget the exact name for it, but this chocolate cake from Giovanni’s was so so moist and fudgey and delicious. I’m super picky with my deserts because I’m a baker and this was definitely the best one I had on board.
  9. Thanks! Was this on Harmony? I have heard about the smaller, revamped ships not having the escape room on the CP, but this is the first I heard about Harmony. Helps with a mental note of making sure to check on board if I'm not able to book ahead of time.
  10. Thank you for this! Do you remember roughly when the escape room showed up on your cruise planner? That’s one thing I’m super excited to do so I’d like to know when I should go from weekly stalking to daily.
  11. I would really like to emphasize this option with the fresh juices and smoothies. They taste phenomenal, are included in the refreshment and deluxe drink packages and you don’t feel as guilty drinking them because you see what’s going into them and that it’s not just syrup and sugar. Also I don’t drink anymore but I had a passing thought that some would be great as mixers. Toss a shot of rum into that fresh strawberry smoothie and suddenly you have a much upgraded daiquiri.
  12. If it makes you feel any better, I don't know if you would have had better luck at the restaurant. I've heard multiple reports that Allure specifically excludes Chops and 150 from dining packages despite it not saying that anywhere online. It doesn't make sense and is very frustrating to not have communicated beforehand. The most "giving in" I've heard them doing on Allure is offering to refund the dining package if the person doesn't want to dine in the other venues.
  13. I'm a huge fan of the "detachable" lanyards. That lets me pop off the card from the part around my neck so it's less awkward to give my card to a server or bartender.
  14. I have had mixed experiences with them. I brought the type that @JohnK6404 linked above on Enchantment in my checked bag and it got sent down to the naughty room where they grilled me on where my extension cord was. I politely argued with them that I did not have an extension cord, yes I know what one looks like ty, and I will help them go through my bag and I would like them to show me where it was. Overall it didn't take as long as it felt like (prob 5 mins total) and they didn't confiscate my hub but I also didn't volunteer it like "do you think this is what you saw?". On Allure I put it in my carry-on so if there was an issue at least I would know right away and could explain. That time I had no issues whatsoever. I'll definitely be putting it in my carry-on for all future cruises.
  15. I agree with the Uber/Lyft suggestion, but wanted to add that if it's 3+ people and their luggage, you should seriously consider the XL option. It is the option to make sure you get an SUV or other larger car instead of a sedan. That trunk space comes in handy.
  16. If you fill out the form @Skid linked to they will take care of what you need. The distilled water is a gallon jug of it and if it's a longer cruise, they call your stateroom at some point to check and make sure that you don't need additional water. In the event that you fill out the form and the water/cord aren't in your room when it opens on the first day just make sure to mention it to your stateroom attendant and they will take care of it.
  17. Yes. If it is a non-private island port your drink package obviously won't work there. A random bar on Nassau couldn't care less about your cruise drink package. If you stay on the ship while in port, your drink package will work just the same as a sea day. The same applies on if you go to CocoCay or Labadee. Drinks in non-souvenir glasses (like a coconut) are included with a package.
  18. I got this collapsible straw by someone’s recommendation on here and I’m obsessed. It is really well constructed and addresses my 2 concerns about bringing my own straw. 1. “Ewww I don’t want a straw just floating loose in my bag” This one collapses and goes in its own keychain case to keep it clean 2. “Uhhh how am I going to clean it? I’m not bringing a little scrubber on the ship” Built into the base of the case is a little squeegee on a string to let you clean it on the go. It’s way easier than it sounds https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KRRGPV4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_qnj8CbK8NP6B2
  19. You would only save money on this if it's a cocktail that only involves a shot of one type of liquor. Something like a margarita with the tequila and the orange liqueur would end up being cheaper to just order and pay for the actual drink as opposed to the shots.
  20. Besides putting your carry on bags through an xray machine like in an airport terminal and you stepping through the metal detector, the main similarities are having to remove sunglasses/hats and needing to empty your pockets. No need to put liquids in a baggie, take off shoes/belt, take out electronics bigger than a cellphone, etc etc.
  21. It's in the main royal app that has your reservation. Even if your sailing is too far out for info to be available on it, you can see menus and schedules for other sailings. On the main screen where it says "Select your sailing" and has your cruises listed, scroll below that and underneath "link a missing reservation" there is the option for "get more details on ships we support". Tap on that and then select your ship and either a current sailing or one that is about to happen. Once the sailing loads, select the little cruise ship icon at the top (other icons will be a calendar and a person) and then select the second icon which is a knife and fork for dining. The second tab is "Main dining" and you should be able to see the menu which is between "find on deck" and the greyed out "reserve now" bar. I hope that helps! I made a screen recording of it, but the Royal app is weird and doesn't highlight the things that you select before loading them so it's not super helpful.
  22. Yes. That includes a 15 min intermission as well
  23. It depends on what, if any, future sailings you will have but my attitude toward CK was that even the smaller ships have specialty restaurants and I’d rather go to CK while I have access to it. And the fact that it was included in my fare was a bonus perk.
  24. Oh good! I’m so happy this was helpful! I tried to get Matt my cruise compass ASAP since I knew I was on one of the first Allure sailings of a bunch to have that itinerary. And in case it’s not obvious, I highly recommend CK. I think you will love it there!
  25. I would definitely make sure to do that. I’ve been stalking Key experience threads and have heard stories of people walking up to Chops without the Key or a reservation being told that they can’t dine there on embarkation day for lunch. I don’t think it was on Allure that this happened, but I wouldn’t chance it - esp if you have the concierge available to you.
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