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  1. I can also add to JLMoran's post a little - If they don't have that data you can provide it to RCI NextCruise desk as your default TA or you can get the information details upon return and give it to your TA and then your TA can take over the cruise from RCI. Either way it's very easy to do.
  2. I am on with my wife, son and daughter-in-law on March 8, 2020...Almost down to four months to go. I am in a Junior Suite on the 12th floor; the first for that level of room and first time on a Oasis class ship so it should be lots of fun. Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. I was stationed in Port au Prince, Haiti while in the Army in 1997. A long time ago and a different situation all together. This time should be more relaxing then the first trip .
  3. Cozumel workers that support the cruise industry seem to like Dollars more than Peso's from what I have been seeing. I'm sure they would be glad to get any money but dollars work very well on the Island. They will even make change to you in Dollars too. I do think that Guest Services can convert to Peso's if I am remembering correctly but I just have never done it before.
  4. If you decide to work with NextCruise on the ship go to their office on the first - third day of the cruise as they will not be busy. If you wait later in the cruise it will get more hectic as the week progresses. On my last cruise I went to NextCruise on the first day with a plan already of what I was looking for and I was the only one in the office. It worked out well and was carefree as can be.
  5. that looks amazing as I'm sitting at my desk at work dreaming of my Cruise in March 2020.
  6. I'm on Oasis of the Seas in March 2020 (can't believe it will be 2020 already) and I have never seen Cats before so I will try and see if I like it or I can give a or puking symbol.
  7. That is truth there. Almost every cruise I have been on there is a bride in full bride garb waiting to get on the ship to get married. They normally look flustered and end up yelling at their bides maids. It's must see TV. So, if you see one of these situation please capture the tension as the group tries to get on the ship as well as all the Pinnacles and Suites members who are pushing forward to get on the ship too.
  8. One thing to take into consideration with On Board Credit (OBC) is you may be locked into that price. For example, I have $500 on a cruise for 2021 because of various things such as booked at Next Cruise, and then the cruise go booked by a company and I got another $200 for the change...so, if I want to re-price the cruise there is a chance, a large one, whereas I will lose my OBC. I wanted to move up to a Owners Suite from a Grand Suite and I would have lost my OBC and paid $1200 more for the room thus making the change $1700 versus $1200. Just something to think about when taking OBC.
  9. I did the shuttle from Port Everglades earlier this year and was at the airport by about 0930 and that is with sitting waiting for the bus to fill up in the parking lot.
  10. Thank you! First time I have seen that. I am in a JS for an upcoming Oasis of the Seas Cruise (March 2020) so I will give it a shot but I don't do well when I have to get someone to open the door to a place I don't have access to. Kind of seems demeaning. I guess it's the same as "Up To" on a RCI sale; you've to read the fine print.
  11. I have never seen RCI written material that says access to CK is based upon availability. If someone can show me that in RCI material I would appreciate it.
  12. I know these types of thing can happen so it is also a very good idea to look at your statement on the ship throughout the week. My last cruise someone(s) charged drinks to my account that I had to get fixed. If you ever go near the customer service desk on the night before debarkation there are some pretty heated conversations; it can be entertainment all by itself.
  13. Economically it's a pretty significant jump in money room a JS to a GS on a Oasis Class Ship. On my OAS cruise early 2020 it is a 2K jump in price for just over 100sqft in size so the perks have to warrant the 2K up charge. I guess it depends on what 2K means to you on a vacation? If they took it away that wouldn't stop me from getting a JS if it fit my cruise goals. I am not a big foodie so it doesn't bother me to go to the Windjammer or the MDR. I am sure the decision has more to do with accommodating the Sky, Star, and Pinnacles more than the JS crowd. If it gets too crowded the first to go is the bottom of the ladder rung - the JS crowd. Off to the galley they throw me...row-boy-row ? First world problem - right!
  14. Whenever I see your writing, and your dog's picture, I always give your writing a Scooby-Doo voice. I can't help it.
  15. This is very interesting topic as I thought I was the only one (of course I knew that wasn't the case) looking at these high prices and wondering if driving to Miami may be the answer. It is 14 1/2 hours from my house and that is doable just not as convenient. My cruise is March 8, 2020 out of Miami on Oasis of the Seas. I have a wide-range to look at from D.C. area airports to Richmond Virginia, and even my local airport, Charlottesville, VA. The flights that are within decent price range have me going on all over the place to include LaGuardia, and Philadelphia to go south to Miami. In March old-man weather can generate all kinds of weather that can stop you; but, normally going south first helps. Well, so far driving is starting to look better and better every day. We shall see ?
  16. The short answer is yes but how you use them would be up to you. I use them for tips to servers, chamber workers, excursion guides, if they do well, and others that I think do a good job at enhancing my vacation. Also, on some excursions they rent items such as kayaks, waterboards, snorkeling trips, and also lockers to put your stuff in while doing activities. You need cash to pay for those things. And, not to forget, depending on where you are going, pictures are always involved which is nice to have and cash can make it easier. Some of the items I listed could be handled by Credit Cards but not all. I always bring cash with me on cruises. The amount depends on how long the cruise is and where I am going.
  17. Those are my exact calculations in my head of at what price point would I buy it. Mine came available at $31.99 which if there is a 20% off sale it would be $25.60 or if a 30% off sale it would be $22.40. At either of those price points I would think about it because I am going to get Voom for one device anyways, and that is $111, so subtract that and my price is in the mid $200's and I could live with that. I have had The Key once so far, and I loved the perks, but there are price points I find palatable and others not so much. At $31.99PP it is not a value to me.
  18. The less people buy these cruise items at the higher prices it will force them to bring prices down to the level in which people will pay for them or the reverse will happen and people will pay these higher prices which will encourage RCI to see where the prices stop people from buying. It's capitalism at its finest and I have no problem with that; I choose to not buy it at these prices and that's my right as a consumer.
  19. Mine just showed up for March 2020 Oasis of the Seas cruise at $31.99 too. That is too rich for my blood!
  20. The Key Program just got released for March 8 2020 Oasis of the Seas cruise for $31.99...let's see - $31.99 x 2 = $63.98 x 7 days = $447.86...that's just too much for this trip. My last cruise that I purchased The Key was at $19.99 and I had some OBC so it ended up being about $15 per person. At that price point I would get it again but at $31.99 I'm out. I will watch it and see if it comes down, but if not, I'm OK with that as I'm in a Junior Suite so we get priority embarkation anyways.
  21. Earlier this year in Cozumel two RCI ships were parked next to each other and I had a 9th floor Balcony on the gang plank side of the IOS. As the time came to start the departure, I believe 1830, I could see the security guys holding up fingers to indicate how many were still missing. As people were struggling to get to the boat the two ships passengers started screaming at them to run and other calls. I have to admit it was really fun yelling between the ships at the runners. As it got closer to 1900 the drunker the people looked coming back to the ship trying to stay within the bright red lines on the dock. We finally left at 1910, forty minutes after the on-board time. I was shocked they waited that long but it was our last port of call so they know how much flex time they have making it back to Fort Lauderdale. I actually missed a show because it was so fun!!!
  22. That's the the path that I am going to take so I'm right there with you. And, BTW, I have 5 points at the moment ?
  23. As someone that has not been to CocaCay these prices make me think it is not worth it to go. After paying thousands to go on a cruise they want me to pay more to go to a beach. I can go to Cozumel and pay $110 at Nachi Cocom and have as much fun as it does for paying hundreds more to stay on a beach. It's just my wife and I travelling so those prices make no sense to me at all. I guess it is meant for larger parties and people with kids. I have just started my cruising vacations but I swear they are going to price me out of the market quickly.
  24. As they say in Blackjack - I'll stick!!! If you like where you are, and the room is more than fine for your needs, than stay where you are and enjoy what you have. The Royal Up program always gets me thinking like you - should I bid...in reality I was fine when I selected my room in the first place so I should be happy now too. But, it always gets me to bid anyways
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