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  1. WAAYTOO: Question: Did Royal offer any credit for lost luggage? How much effort on your part? How long did reimbursement take? Thanks.
  2. As Speed Noodles said, CVS and Walgreen's are free. CVS (at least in our market) opens up scheduling, on line, for testing 14 days ahead. Your should be able to schedule a test just prior to your cruise, and electronic results usually arrive in 15 minutes - sometimes a little longer. Your can print and/or use electronic version. In our market, you stay in your car for the testing. Very easy.
  3. Sometimes many choices are available, sometimes not - and it often does not seem to matter (within reason) how far out the booking goes.
  4. Due to Royal Caribbean cancellations, we were "forced" to book and travel on another major cruise line. It was a nice cruise, BUT one new issue surfaced to our surprise: cabins are only being cleaned/refreshed once per day. Our question: any hints that this cutback could be coming to our favorite cruise line?
  5. Just got caught with Serenade cancellation - six more booked and hope for no more canx. Beyond money back: time involved. Have made a Royal Up bid, purchased seven-night dining package (long ago when on sale), and tours. Plus OBC still available. Question: should we go to trouble of setting up spreadsheet or track reimbursements, or can we trust Royal??
  6. Can mix products - have carried six bottles of water and six bottles of Coke products. No issues.
  7. Cruiseline.com/cruise/price-alerts. They will alert you to changes in pricing by your chosen category.
  8. Have been on half of a Cunard "Around the World" cruise, and the daily rate not nearly as expensive as Royal Caribbean. Wonder why?
  9. We've had three Royal Caribbean cruises cancelled, plus a fourth from another cruise line. Recently, shore excursions were removed from Royal's website for another (still scheduled) cruise. Does the removal of excursion's foretell cruise cancellation? Does anyone have insight? We just returned from Croatia, and the only issues were with changing airline/government requirements. Everyone on the small ship was vaccinated.
  10. You also have a choice: tell the porter at curbside. He/she carries blank tags and a marker. Will be done while you watch.
  11. Another parking option (if you are overnighting in a hotel prior to cruise): some hotels - especially near Ft. Lauderdale port - offer discounted parking on their parking lots while cruising. There is a shuttle involved, and this may cause lost time after the cruise.
  12. Word of caution about Amtrak: notoriously known for being late. Freight trains actually have priority over Amtrak, as Amtrak travels over tracks owned by the major railway systems. Otherwise a very fun way to go.
  13. Brilliance cancelled from Tampa - to be replaced by Serenade (all tours that were paid for cancelled). Ovation of the Seas cancelled from Australia to New Zealand.
  14. We just got notice this morning, via e-mail from RCL, that our February Caribbean cruise has been cancelled along with all excursions. Upon checking Royal's website, there is no cancellation notice for the February cruise, BUT there is a cancellation notice for the first of three B2Bs next year from Australia-NZ-Hawaii-Vancouver (only one of the three so far). What has been everyone's experience with cancellation notices? Best route to take? Royal's current refund posture? Have already forwarded info to TA. Thanks for any insight.
  15. Did much the same with Budget in Fort Lauderdale, and it was a disaster. Not enough cars, not enough shuttles, not enough employees. In my opinion, you be well served finding another way!
  16. Does anyone know if the cruise awards earned through the RCL Visa card can be booked through a travel agent? Are any classes of ship "off limits". Thanks.
  17. If you "need" a booster, you would need it whether or not you are cruising. This almost has to be a "go with the flow" and "follow advice" decision.
  18. Good stuff to know. We will hit the "340 level" (meal with an officer) midway through three B2Bs, and will look forward to this special meal.
  19. Hope you get to visit Key West - great port with lots to do for the day!
  20. Added thought: CDC today said moderately safe for fully-vaccinated folks to travel. That would seem to increase likelihood of cruise actually taking place.
  21. We are going on three B2Bs on Ovation in 2022, ending in Vancouver. Appreciate all the tips! Most menu rotations on crossings, for us, have been repeat of earlier days, but as mentioned, menu choice makes this palatable.
  22. Have used AT&T International Day pass on many lengthy cruises - good "piece of mind" in foreign ports, plus no cost if not used. Great if you don't need to check your e-mail every day and are willing to use phone only on specific days of your choice.
  23. Thought on airfare: if you have airline miles, use miles to book. In most cases, easy to obtain full refund of miles, occasionally with a fee involved.
  24. With Canada closed, the Alaska cruise seems improbable in 2021
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