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  1. Did the 9 day allure cruise. It probably played 5 times.
  2. I agree, my Sunday arrival may have made it easier.
  3. as a follow up to this if anyone searches, Fort lauderdale cruise port to Fort lauderdale airport, 9:10am flight. I was in line with my luggage to leave the ship at 6:10am. I actually got to leave at 6:40am. I was one of the first 20 people off the ship. I made it outside in about 10 minutes (maybe less). There were at least 30 -50 taxis waiting. I got in the taxi and got to the airport in about 10 minutes. The outside skycap luggage service was empty and I used that. security was empty and I breezed through that. I was past security at 7:15am and waiting for my 9:10 flight. everything worked perfectly for me but if it didn't there was still some room for small errors or lines. your milage may vary.
  4. I’m on allure right now. We are in Puerto Rico. The first 3 days we were served at the buffet. Today some stations stilled served, but most were self serve. I’m not sure if the self serve was because today was also the first time since Covid that the crew were allowed to get off the boat, so the remaining crew were short staffed.
  5. Nice, that’s what I hoping for. thank you.
  6. Yea, the flight may be a bit to early but I’m going to Tee it up and see what happens. I’m on the cruise now. It will be a good story either way. I want to make sure I eliminate any issues on my part that waste time. not sure if I can schedule an Uber and pay him to wait for me. any tips?
  7. Ft Lauderdale cruise port is a secured port. My plan is to be the first one off the ship at 6:45 am. Will there be taxis waiting ? Will Uber go there? what is my best bet for getting to FLL quickly?
  8. Thanks all. Yep all require reservations. Most offered a couple of times so it is easy to see them all. There are less shows then nights.
  9. I’m on allure right now. Just boarded. Some shows need a reservation. Besides those shows is there an other show every night, like all the other cruises I’ve been on? Or are those the only shows? can’t find the compass either. is it on the app?
  10. Will I have to show the CVS test results on my phone or can I just print it out?
  11. 1. I should be easily be able to get a taxi/uber lyft to and from the cruise port from Fort Lauderdale airport right? Taxies will also be waiting very early at the cruise port to take me to the airport? no need to set that up beforehand? 2. Are the Ships fully booked? (Allure of the seas) On the "what port are they in" it said 6,587 people will be at cococay on allure along with 4,528 on another ship. Are those counts correct. 3. I want dinners with just my wife and no strangers. How likely is that? I know I need to contact the dining room as soon as I get on the ship and ask. Does covid make this easier? 4. I have 3 hours to kill between the time that plane lands and the time I can check in. ( Ft Lauderdale airport/Ft Lauderdale cruise port) I hear they don't let you check in early? Is that true? Can I drop my luggege of early? Is there a place to eat? or should I eat in the airport? 5. Will people be wearing masks on the cruise? will employees? 6. do they take temptures as part of a screening?
  12. so wifi is all or none? I can't skip the first day and the last day? any idea how fast the regular wifi is as compaired to the stream wifi? can I make wifi phone calls with regular wifi or stream wifi?
  13. 8 day cruise, only 4 stops. one is Cococay,so I dont need help for that one. three left San Juan Phillipsburg, st Maarten Basseterre, St Kitts I would be happy going to a beach area on my own on most ports and changing up if there is bad weather. I've read in Phillipsburg I can walk to the beach, is that true? probably on all of them I can take a taxi to a beach? I may book the ATV tour in St Kitts. any other suggestions on what to do, or direction on how to do excursions on the fly? and I can get off the ship with out a pre booked excursion right?
  14. Is there a way to tell what other ships will be at the cruise ports? Cocoay, San Juan, Phillipsburg etc
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