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  1. Wonder if they have been kicked off NCL yet?
  2. I believe any cruise out of the US. The Florida issue was only Fed over reach to help get cruising back out of Florida. I guess you could say it has worked as they (CDC) started working on the problem.
  3. I am not in disagreement with you here. But "The so what" comment apparently means it doesn't bother you that a government agency controls a vacation segment most here love to do. And now if the CDC wants to tighten down the CSO they can; if the CDC wants to shut down the cruise lines they can; if the CDC wants to extend the CSO they can!!!!! That bothers me.
  4. Does anyone know what they (cruise company's) are basing this on?
  5. Even if it goes into effect at midnight Sunday I do not believe RC is going to change anything as long as the CDC appeal is still in the works.
  6. It doesn't but we are talking about politicians and bureaucrats. I firmly believe if a case is found onboard they may check to see if that person flew to the port of departure. We have real good friends from Canada that we haven't seen in more than a year.
  7. Well they will accept Americans but can the Canadians now drive to the US?
  8. Yes the next day with the brain swab test. It was positive also. Do not know if he was tested once he returned home. My point is lets not panic over this the protocols are working if we all work together.
  9. Standing on the deck of the SS Norway and looking back at the gleaming new SOS in 1989. New then it was next year and we did. 1990
  10. Figures just when we were to get out first one in Dec. Oh well
  11. We are probably not hearing about some. I have a friend that was on Adventure last week and tested positive. He was with many of his family such as sister and her family and a few of their friends. RC tested and then quietly came and got him from the pool area told him put him in an ocean front room, no balcony. He and his partner are vaxed and so were the rest of his group but he was the only positive case. They were removed in Freeport and flew home on a charter. He said it was handled very well and he is appreciative of the way they were treated. He whole hardly believes he DID NOT get this on the ship. I told him no probably on the plane over. RC protocols are working to this point.
  12. Are we willing to give up a freedom to cruise? Can we not see that this statute guarantees my right to shop at my local grocery store without pulling out a passport and showing the bouncer at the door? If this prevails what freedom will we lose next? All the cruise lines tried to work with both the CDC and the state of Florida except NCL. It just looks like they are sitting on the floor like a petulant child kicking their legs and screaming "mommy I want, I want my way".
  13. Well if it is overturned then we lose a freedom and the corporate world can now hold it over our heads.
  14. If you like entertainment provided by pros make sure to catch the aqua show and the ice show.
  15. Park N Go I believe very good at what they do. You make a reservation show up with your paper work pull up to a covered area unload to a waiting bus and they leave with you and get you to the port fast. No waiting, at least we never have. When you return there is a bus waiting no having to call or text. These guys have this down. https://www.bookparkngo.com/ftlauderdale.php
  16. The Song of Norway traveled to Nassau, San Juan and ST. Thomas for 12 years what did RC affectionally call this run?
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