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  1. the royal gift shop has a hole punch as well
  2. personally I was not at all impressed with chops and will not eat there again I love giovanis and would gladly have eaten at giovanis both nites I had the steak in giovanis on oasis and it was far better than the one I had at chops with 100 percent better service and go with dishes
  3. its nice to have the countdown back BUT you may run into one small problem (imagine that) it comes up when you sign in and you can see all your past and future cruises balance room number etc. BUT lol even though you can see all your past cruises (they lost one of mine) but at the top of the page it said I was "pre gold" OOPS so I called crown and in about 5 seconds they fixed it AMAZING I KNOW RIGHT ! well once again I thanked the rep asked her several questions which she had no clue so I thanked her and she ended with THANKYOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE IN OUR PERIOD OF TRANSITION ?
  4. it has been a problem for me in the past I have asked for a single and often the maître d acts like it is quite a hardship one time I was seated at a table of 8 across from some man about 70 that never spoke a word just stared at me the whole meal if not with my family I will opt for windjammer most of the same foods are offered there and as a rule there hotter
  5. it goes faster than you think I am going emerald on my next cruise (brilliance oct 1 2018 ) and chasing diamond in adventure nov 24 2018 I expect to catch diamond by march 2019 the best part of being platinum is your own check in area if you look over at the gold area when you get to the port you will see what I mean in jan at fort Lauderdale my son and his wife and children were in a line 25 people back I had no wait walked right up checked in sat in my own area and fell asleep waiting for them on board the robe was great nice and warm in the cold cabin of the indy the party was great also I look forward to my brief stay at emerald level and yes I cant wait to be able to use the diamond lounge as a frequent solo traveler it does go faster sail on my friends ?️
  6. I'm on the adventure for 8 sailing oct 1 2018 anyone else?
  7. it has been my experience that even if you have the deluxe drink pkg if you order room service and include drinks you will be charged bar prices for the drinks and I have just been told no alcohol drinks with room service they have milk and similar drinks for free with the 8.00 delivery charge and yes the hot dog and sausage place is a weird one rarely open and sells out quickly the one time I caught it open wasn't impressed at all WJ were just as good and hotter
  8. I have heard bad things about DI for quite some time enough to try it once but never again I felt eyes on me the whole time read about a purchase of a diamond ring from them that appraised far less once back in the US and Royal was no help at all good place to stay away from
  9. I personally don't believe that the service would decline the smart attendants get it and realise that you get extra if you give extra I was on the liberty had 2 rooms I had a model room attendant went way above and beyond I tipped him a bunch my son down the hall had the attendant from hell he even had the nerve to bang on the door despite the do not disturb and said he couldn't go on break till they left the cabin he woke everyone in the room we are casino people and sleep in some people don't get it and never will they know they still get there cut of the daily gratuities and it seemed this guy was satisfied with that I have been fortunate to get go getters and just plain nice people as my attendants but my sons experience reminds me there are people working on these ships that are satisfied to just get by as it is in the real world just saying
  10. it has been my understanding since my first royal cruise back in the days of the gratuities envelopes I know they still have them but early on they pushed it hard and required placing them in what is now the suggestion box and yes they were split up with a portion given to there supervisor I would talk to my waiter and room attendant who I regularly gave extra to and when I was convinced they would keep it I gave generously this whole issue appears to be a racket to me royal pays chump change and supplements there employees with the big tip split and the heads get a large compensation off the backs of there charges in most cases especially the MDR I have found the heads to be haughty and don't really care ish which iratates me that they can compel the people to hand over the funds I give them for making my cruise a wow when not once have they done anything to make my cruise better just feel like they are letting me know they are better then there underlings I for one will get to the true story before my oct cruise I have heard this to many times and I do believe that this is the way royal pays a big part of the crews salaries but I for one will not give another dime to anyone unless I am convinced it will stay with whom I give it to I wish that nice young crew member who used to frequent these forums (I believe his name was Chris)was still around he could answer our questions oh and don't forget what we pay daily in gratuities and yes I know "they all do it" '
  11. thin ice I should say so I am not a diamond yet just a mere emerald this next cruise by the time I reach diamond which will be jan 19 it seems there wont be many perks left oh well the one good thing about it takes the guilt out of shopping around
  12. be careful the cabins on majesty are tiny I was in a oceanview on deck three solo and it was barely large enough for me in my ov you in no way could have fit another bed
  13. nada damn thing very disappointed guess I will have to wait till oct 1 on my brilliance cruise you just get the all to familiar ROYAL RUNAROUND if you call in although retired I have better things to do then sit on the phone for hours to know less then when I called just saying
  14. hi JOE I heard it was for the fabulous pictures you shared and that you are a black cat lover too LOL ?
  15. omg no problem I will avoid tijian cruise or related itineraries like the plague LITERALLY LOL LOL ?
  16. try spitting on the floor on an Australian cruise itinerary the crew would wear out the life boats picking up the offenders LOL LOL but please this not a funny situation I for one royal have written off any future china cruises or any cruise that would have a large representation
  17. I agree this is a horrible topic and I love this forum so please lets move on
  18. Peachie please don't tell me that these Chinese where spitting within the cruise ship if so how disgusting and hipocrytical you have to soap up with germx all over the ship and watch some Chinese spit on the floor or worse I say this surely falls under the royal code of conduct and if in the us or carib would have you put off at the next stop or can you imagine the brawl if the person and I use that term loosely sitting next to you in the casino hung a loogee on you shoe as you passed by in the crowd I am sorry please don't crucify me but this really stretches the old adage when in rome do as the romans do peachie I am with you I am sorry but just because you have money does not mean you are ready to be on a ship confined with 2000 to 6000 people this is a recipe for disaster just saying
  19. I was looking at the grandeur pulling into Nassau yesterday berthing next to Enchantment they appear to be the same length was she stretched like the enchantment and if possible what year did this occur
  20. tthey can keep it not that good anyway lets see how royal likes an empty restaurant
  21. I totally agree I was excited to try chops but when I did wow what a letdown for me and my party the service was pitiful at best food was not good I have had better steaks in the MDR even on the same cruise I for one will not pay the price again I found the experience at giovanis and the food far superior the wait staff brought (if you close your eyes) you to a small ristorante in Italy the flavors WOW cant wait to go back I love seafood and would gladly trade chops for hooked chops just doesn't hold a candle to ruth chris or peter luger please its just me and my families opinion
  22. great photos I could eat seafood for every meal was it one price for all like chops or ala carte oh by the way I believe those to be royals version of cheddar bay bites (biscuits)
  23. GREAT INVESTIGATIVE CRUISING I loved your observations I cruised on carnival 2 times mainly because I had to see if I was in a bad mood the first cruise (sensation and the new name destiny) and realized it was not me I too am loyal to royal the experience where not perfect is far better at royal please forgive me I don't meen to offend anyone but I compare the difference to shopping Dillards and Walmart . I cruise a lot with my daughter who is wheelchair bound and also suffers from the thing you called I believe odd I never heard of it but it sounds about right she is the love of my life and when shes cruising she opts for adventure ocean rather then my company I am very experienced with autism on the seas and you don't need to be aspergers to sail with them and I would bet if you sailed with them all those things that make people want to sail without the kiddos would vanish they are truly dedicated to there people and if your not to familiar with what they offer look them up on the internet they truly are phenominal once again thankyou for a great double review
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