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    OrionJus reacted to Jeff in Ships in port   
    I was recently given a website address that lists all ships in port on any given day. For my upcoming cruise, we will have 4 total ships in Nassau, including the one I will be on. Will 4 ships make Nassau overcrowded? In your opinion, how many ships are too many ships?
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    OrionJus reacted to JCM221 in Renting Cabana with Child Under 4   
    Hi Everyone,
    We are wanting to rent a Cabana at Coco Cay, but we have a child who is only 3 in our party and the age restriction is 4. Does anyone know if this is strictly enforced? Has anyone brought their kid under 4 with them?
    I appreciate any info you might have to share!
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    OrionJus reacted to familykerr in Premium Coffee   
    Hi, is "Premium Coffee" on the cruise classed as "barista made coffee"? Just trying to decide whether to buy the Refreshment Package or not.
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    OrionJus reacted to UkuleleCruiser in Anyone live in DFW and have an upcoming Navigator cruise?   
    I'd love to get a Navigator ship figurine to commemorate my wife and I's trip last year. However, i neglected to pick one up on the ship, and they are apparently hard to get on land! I'm hoping someone might be able to pick one up for me! Thanks in advance either way -- You'll love the ship!
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    OrionJus reacted to Paul1963 in Voom Surf & Stream Packages   
    we are sailing explorer of the seas ex Sydney , are the packages worth getting??
    Have heard that internet is extremely slow.
    Any help with this matter is appreciated
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    OrionJus reacted to tonyfsu21 in Harmony of the seas Port Everglades arrival   
    I'm thinking about heading out to the rock jetty on the N side of the inlet next to POTA building. Any locals planning on heading out 11/5 07:00 for her arrival?
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in Last minute cabin change?   
    I know that most cruises sail fully booked. But, I was just wondering if any body has been able to upgrade or change their cabin on embarkation day?
    If so, what was the price differential over booking that same cabin ahead of time?
    Did you get a deal since that cabin would have gone unsold?
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    OrionJus reacted to Lyrical in Outside Big Screen Films   
    Hello. Is there anyway to find out ahead of boarding your Ship which "films" they will be playing on the Outside Movie Screen?  Our kids have been asking, and I have not seen anything online yet.  Thanks for any info.~   (cruising to Cuba & Costa Maya) on April 19th out of Miami.  :-)

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    OrionJus reacted to JenL11 in Nice option for Nassau-recommended!   
    Sharing some feedback of a successful 'self' excursion.  Stopped in Nassau for the day and just wanted to spend the day relaxing at a beach with service and facilities.  Booked a day at the Hilton British Colonial hotel.  It's a very short walk down the road from the pier (no need for a cab).  Lovely beach, pool, bar and beautiful hotel.  We got there early off the ship and had a tiki umbrella on the beach with lounge chairs but there were plenty of chairs for all.  Keep in mind that the beach is actually on the harbor so you can see the cruise ships. This was actually a good thing because we could still get the VOOM wireless from our ship the whole day at the hotel.  Our credit for 2 was $80 for the day, we came in at $79 and change...two lunches, 3 drinks.   Here are details from an email I received from the hotel:
    We do offer Day Passes at $65.00 per adult with kids at half price (6ys-12yrs); children 5 and under free with each paying adult. Upon your arrival to the hotel, you may purchase passes directly at the front desk. The Day Pass includes access to the hotel's pool, beach, kayaks, towels, lounge chairs (cabanas and day beds for in house guest use only) and a $40 food and beverage credit each adult guest, snorkeling gear is based on availability. The Day Passes are only sold with the Food and Beverage voucher and are not sold separately. The food and beverage credit can be used at your leisure on the outside at The Patio Bar and Grille or inside at Aqua restaurant. 

    Day Passes are also sold online at $60.00 per adult with a 20% deposit at the time of booking. Please see the following links for availability -  http://bahamascruiseexcursions.com/NassauHiltonResortPass.htm;  www.bahamasdaypass.com or http://www.resortforaday.com/British-Colonial-Hilton-Day-pass-p/nsnabch.htm . The Day Pass starts from 9am and for your safety our life guards are on duty from 9am to 5pm. 

    The British Colonial Hilton is within 10 minute walking distance from the cruise ship harbor. When you exit the cruise dock you would make a right hand turn and just follow the roadway to the end where you would see Senor Frogs Restaurant, turn left and follow to road to the front of the building to the entrance of the hotel. If you would prefer to catch a cab, the price is $9.00 for the first two persons and $3.00 for each additional person. The cab ride is also approximately 10 minutes away from the hotel. If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact me and once again thank you for choosing the British Colonial Hilton.
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    OrionJus reacted to weavers1995 in Odd questions for a newbie...sort of!   
    We are headed out on the Grandeur of the Sea next June from Baltimore.  We haven't sailed with RC since 2007.  But have sailed Disney several times.  As for a lot of people, they have just overpriced our family of 5 out of the ship!
    So here are my questions!!!  Since I have not sailed with RC in awhile, I know there have been changes.
    Do we now need to get seats ahead of time for the shows...?  Meaning I read somewhere to reserve your seats but I don't know if that is only on the larger ships or if on Grandeur of the Seas as well.
    With Coco Cay, is this island similar to Castaway Cay?   Are there water slides there free for anyone to use or do you book those too?
    Are there any recommendations with what do to for in Bermuda or Nassau?
    Thank you in advance.  I will continue to read all the posts to try and get caught up!
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    OrionJus reacted to dejagatkins in Voom Sale   
    If I sign one of us up for one device, (because hubby could care less) ..can I make that device my phone when I'm on deck and switch off and use my Ipad in the room? As long as one person is only using one device at a time? Or does one person need multiple packages?
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    OrionJus reacted to lrd in vision of the seas July 9 with kids?   
    Hi, just wanted to see if there are fellow sailors traveling with kids...I'll have 8(g) and 16 year old (b) on board and thoughts on shore excursions?
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in In-cabin music?   
    Is there any type of in-cabin music available, like through your tv?
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    OrionJus reacted to alamode123 in Anyone else going on the fan2sea cruise?   
    Booked the http://www.fan2sea.com cruise for my twin 13 yr old daughters and myself. It's a themed cruise with actors from Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy etc. Basically a comic con on a ship.

    Anyone else here attending, or have gone on similar cruises?
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    OrionJus reacted to lb0336 in Dunn's River Falls admission price?   
    I'm looking at excursions for an upcoming cruise to Falmouth, Jamaica, with the sale ending soon. We're thinking Dunn's River Falls, and one of the tours says that the price of the falls is not included. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone know what the additional cost is? 
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    OrionJus reacted to DunkelBierJay in BOGO 2 Night vs the 4 Night Dinner Package   
    On a future cruise, the BOGO 2 night is listed at $30...it requires specialty dining the first night, so the MDR has to be sacrificed. The 4 night package is $90. 
    What is to stop someone from booking two BOGO 2 night packages and not showing for the first night on one of the packages. Does the website prevent that?
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    OrionJus reacted to cookingyo in Reasonable travel agent response time?   
    I normally handle ALL my travel plans, but for 1 cruise I am trying the process through a travel agent.  I am an e-mail guy and not really a phone person with the exception of relaying payment information. I normally respond to text and e-mails withing minutes.  So when I request a quote via e-mail on an item, like flights, what is a reasonable expectation for a return e-mail, or at least an acknowledgement? Minutes, Hours, Days?  I basically told the TA the airline and the flights I wanted.  I could of just booked the flights and saved $116. Now the last of the cheaper seats were sold while waiting for this agent to get back to me.  Heck I could of booked flights through RCL Air 2 Sea and still saved some $$.  I am trying to let go and let someone else handle everything for this one particular trip.  So far I am not enjoying the TA process.
    I know IF there was a problem during the trip, this is the person I am trusting to make things right.  I'm just not getting a good vibe with this Travel Agent.  Normally what is the process of getting a new agent within the same agency?  Any help would be appreciated.  I guess I am looking for a for a bull dog who will check for price changes at least once during sales and who is tech friendly and will get back to me the same day via e-mail.  Some one who understands if I call via phone that I am either giving them money or there is a problem that I need to be resolved ASAP.
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    OrionJus reacted to paula67pooh in New to Royal Caribbean   
    Hi, we have never cruised with RC, only Disney with our teenage daughter. We're looking at Liberty of the Seas in Jan or March 2019, can you tell me if any of you have cruised with Disney before and now RC if you enjoyed it as much? also the main differences? I appreciate any and all feedback. :) 
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    OrionJus reacted to DocLC in Airfare to Europe   
    My family and I are hooked on sailing from Europe in the summer, so I track airfares regularly. I've noted that there's been a 35â„… drop in fares from LA to Paris. While we're sailing out of Amsterdam, it's only a $54 flight from Paris to Amsterdam and a similarly reasonable train fare. In addition, the flights are about $500 then flying directly into Amsterdam.
    As of today, round-trip airfare is about $750, perhaps less from gateways on the East Coast. Thus, if you're thinking of Europe for next summer, it may be worth exploring airfare now as it's rarely this low and typically $1200-$1400.
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    OrionJus reacted to neil in vat for on board shopping   
    can anyone tell me why i'm being charged 20% vat on this trip but 6 months ago same boat (NAVIGATOR OF THE SEAS) i wan't? :wub:
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    OrionJus reacted to David Bennett in Jewel of the seas refurbishment   
    Hi all. My understanding is that Jewel goes in for her refit today. I am sailing on her in August out of Rome. Any info regarding progress/ photos/ news and updates of the refit would be greatly appreciated. ðŸ‘😀
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    OrionJus reacted to cruiserval in Main Show on Harmony   
    Do you need reservations to see Grease on Harmony of the Seas or just walk in early?
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    OrionJus reacted to ericreev in Hot tub on Royal suite balcony of vision class?   
    Does anyone know if the Royal suite of the vision class has a hot tub on the balcony? I've seen conflicting info, Rc's website doesn't seem to list it. I know I can always call them.
    Eric Reeves
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in New smaller ships?   
    With the current industry trend to continue to build bigger ships, any chance they will build new smaller ships?
    I think, at least with a lot of people here, some of their favorite ships are the smaller ones.
    At some point, you can only retrofit the smaller ships to a point to keep them updated with the newest amenities.
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    OrionJus reacted to FManke in King size bed?   
    So I know that you can have beds pushed together to form a king size bed.
    Do then they just make it as one bed, with one sheet and comforter? Still two separate mattresses, yes?
    Anybody ever have any issues about the bed separating?
    I know that people say there are no silly questions, but this might be the first.
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