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  1. The hotel "opens" at 9am, but it is very close to the port. We started our day at 9, and headed back to the ship at 3..onboard by 3:40 because of a backup at security at the port. If you want an option for the day and don't want to stay on the ship, I think it's totally worth it, even with a compressed timeline. You have a beach, pool, bar and lunch. You could also reach out to the hotel via email and see if they will let you arrive earlier than 9. Have a great trip!
  2. Sharing a positive experience on Cococay. We walked to "south beach" (formerly called Barefoot Beach)...because it was considered to be a 'quiet' beach. What a great day we had. There was a nice cabana section of private cabanas next to us, a ton of lounge chairs, and a bar. Beach was lovely. There were probably only 20 people max in our area. I heard from others on the ship that the rest of Cococay was 'very crowded'. We loved South Beach for the day. The only potential downside was that we wound up skipping the provided lunch because we didn't want to leave our spot and travel to the pi
  3. Sharing some feedback of a successful 'self' excursion. Stopped in Nassau for the day and just wanted to spend the day relaxing at a beach with service and facilities. Booked a day at the Hilton British Colonial hotel. It's a very short walk down the road from the pier (no need for a cab). Lovely beach, pool, bar and beautiful hotel. We got there early off the ship and had a tiki umbrella on the beach with lounge chairs but there were plenty of chairs for all. Keep in mind that the beach is actually on the harbor so you can see the cruise ships. This was actually a good thing because we
  4. I completed a 7 day Anthem cruise a week ago. We went to Vintages every night. We frequently ordered wine that was priced just a few dollars a glass over $13 and were only charged the difference. It's a great bar with great servers. I know the limit is supposed to be $12 but $13 drinks went through for free.
  5. Thanks Doc and Monctonguy! I am definitely not complaining with the upgrade, I just wasn't sure if being near the casino had issues. Last time I cruised, I remember the casino was really smoky and didn't know if that traveled into the rooms at all, and I was curious if the traffic of random people by our room could present any safety issue at all. Glad to hear that things seem positive. I certainly can't complain about getting a large oceanview room at an interior room price otherwise! Thanks again!
  6. I purchased an interior room on Anthem of the Seas. My assignment just came in and I was upgraded to Oceanview and a larger Handicapped Accessible room (270 sf). It's by the elevator bank on Deck 3 which looks like it's near the casino. Is the ocean view and larger room worth the trade off of being near the elevators and the casino? Should I worry about safety and should I worry about the smell of cigarette smoke? Thank you for any advice!
  7. I received an email saying that the deluxe beverage package is on sale this weekend 'up to 30% off'. When I click on it for my cruise (Anthem of the Seas, NJ to Bahamas, March), it says price is $48 which is 20% off. I thought the deluxe package was normally $55. If $48 is 20% off, then the price was jacked up to $60. Does RC play around with prices like this? I swear full price was $55 last week or so.
  8. thank you so much, RestingBirds! This is a terrific help and just what I needed to know!! Much appreciated!
  9. thank you, monorail and Doc, for your replies!! Greatly appreciated!
  10. My adult daughter is a vegan, meaning she does not eat meat and has dairy intolerance. She can eat seafood. Will there be options at the specialty restaurants for her? thanks!
  11. We are traveling on Anthem of the Seas and our first stop is Port Canaveral, Florida and we really just would love to spend the day at a beach or hotel relaxing in the sun. Any suggestions for an excursion or a nearby beach or hotel that we can make arrangements to head to once the ship docks? Thank you so much!
  12. TIA for any recommendations! We are cruising on Anthem of the Seas and we are looking to spend the day in Nassau relaxing on a pretty beach. There seem to be so many choices. Does anyone have feedback on their best beach excursion? thank you!
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