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  1. You could also try calling in to avoid the issue @TravisMA81 ran into
  2. I think you're absolutely correct. Disney is so cheap when it comes to these kind of purchases.
  3. If connecting to ethernet is a workaround, I might be spending a lot more time in the internet cafe
  4. Every kid is different in terms of maturity and how responsible they are. I don't let my 11 year old just disappear, but I do let her go with her sister and/or friends to do a certain activity and come back.
  5. Full menu change. It's all El Loco Fresh food now
  6. A reader sent me photos of starlink going up on Mariner. They were told it should be ready in December
  7. I don't have a list. USA and Canada for sure. I thought Australia allowed it too, but I could be wrong. I know for a fact UK residents cannot. One option you have is to book your cruise with an American travel agent, like MEI Travel. You'll have to pay in US Dollars, but you can get around the issue. Maybe @EmersonNZ can shed some light here
  8. I don't see any sale banners or indications a sale has begun
  9. Welcome to the message boards! I recommend MEI Travel. They're a sponsor of this site, but I've been using them even before they were a sponsor. You can fill out the giant yellow form on the front page of Royalcaribbeanblog.com and they'll contact you!
  10. No need (or ability) to pre book parking at Port Canaveral
  11. I think this new deal basically means any chance of Royal shifting back to Port Everglades is unlikely (in the way they did when Oasis came out and they moved a lot of their traffic to Everglades instead of Miami). Nobody tries harder than MSC, but I get the sense they're like the Soviet version of American cruising: They can see everything we do and reverse engineer a lot of it, but the final product never matches up to the original.
  12. Welcome to the message boards! I just took Lyft to and from Galveston last week at the new terminal. Traffic wasn't an issue for me, but I got there early (10amish) on embarkation day. I walked off around 7:45am and no traffic either.
  13. If you booked within last 30 days, yes, you can transfer to a travel agent. Will you get obc? Depends on the agent. I'd point out the reason to transfer to a good travel agent isn't to get onboard credit. It's to get excellent service between now and 2024. Many have been lead astray chasing a few dollars of OBC only to realize their folly.
  14. Welcome to the message boards! Itinerary changes are not unheard of, so I'm sorry it impacted your cruise. Unfortunately, there isn't usually price matching/protection for a situation like that unless it's spelled out in the cancellation email you get from Royal Caribbean. I also noticed you put everything in pounds, so I'm guessing you're British. The rules in your country are also different there than here.
  15. This makes no sense to me. My wife thought it was because Disney didn't want to resort to the many reminder calls over the PA system, as Royal does. I feel sorry for Disney guests having to go back to this insufferable method.
  16. Welcome to the message boards! It appears the option for some to pre-book is in December only, and not November.
  17. Park at the terminal. Costs a little bit more, but I think the convenience is worth it!
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