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Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Coco Beach Club

14 Jun 2021
Matt Hochberg

The only way to top a day at Perfect Day at CocoCay is to do it again a second time.

Royal Caribbean rarely offers sailings with multiple visits to its private island, but it did so for these Adventure of the Seas sailings from The Bahamas.

Our ship departed CocoCay last night, and we basically did a loop in the ocean before returning to the island. There was speculation this decision had to do with being able to operate the ship's casino only when at sea, but the casino has been open while in CocoCay.

Just like yesterday, we docked around 7am and unlike yesterday, it was not raining.

In fact, while it sometimes looked like it might rain, the rain kept away from us keeping us dry and mostly sunny.  Shoutout to Royal Caribbean Chief Meteorologist James Van Fleet for using his weather wizardry to keep it clear today!

Today's plan was to visit the exclusive area of the island, the Coco Beach Club.

Full disclosure: Royal Caribbean invited us to spend the day at the club in a floating cabana.

I had been to the Coco Beach Club when it first opened in early 2020, but my wife and kids had not been there, so it was a good opportunity to let them experience it.

The appeal of the Beach Club is simple: an exclusive area for guests who value being somewhere with an elevated experience.

Most of the island is included in your cruise fare, but the beach club was built to offer a little something extra special that resembles more of a resort club than typical beach day.

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There is an inifinity pool, plush loungers, and a restaurant worthy of being a specialty restaurant on the ship.

Of course, the floating cabanas are the crown jewel of the Coco Beach Club, and offer amazing views.  Unlike other beach cabanas that are more about giving you private space, the floating cabanas are about enhancing your time on and near the water, with a slide, full shower, and lots of lounging space.

If you purchase just the club access, you can enjoy the beach or infinity pool to spend the day, with ample seating in both.

By far, the day beds are the most desirable and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Come very early if you want one.

The best part of my day was sampling all the food in the Coco Beach Club restaurant. Royal Caribbean International's Vice President of Food & Beverage Operations Linken D'Souza hosted our lunch at the restaurant.

The menu features a variety of choices that borrows from American, Mediterranean, and Bahamian influences.

The lobster sandwich is the standout hit for the restaurant, but their filet, lobster, and grouper are really outstanding.

Your day at the beach club is about treating yourself, and they do an admiral job at it.  Compared to my previous visit, I did not notice any major changes.

Other than some social distancing protocols added, the club experience is essentially the same as it was before. If you were worried about the restart taking its toll on the club, not at all.

It also seemed a lot of fellow cruisers elected to splurge on a day at the club, because they seemed to have a lot of folks there.  The concept of "revenge travel" I think may be at play here.

In total, the Coco Beach Club can accomodate 440 people, with 240 being in the cabanas.

Speaking of the cabanas, a common question is can you get extra passes beyond the standard 8 that come with the cabana. Yes, you can get an extra two passes, but 10 is the limit.

Stray observations

South Beach is closed to guests because there is no need for the added capacity, but Royal Caribbean opened up the area exclusively to crew members to use.

If you prefer or can't eat lobster, the Coco Beach Club restaurant can offer a chicken sandwich that is not listed on the menu.

Crown and Anchor drink coupons are not accepted at the Coco Cay Beach Club or at Coco Cay from what I've heard and seen so far.