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Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 7 - Freeport

19 Jun 2021

The last day of our cruise brings us to a new cruise port, Freeport.

Freeport is on Grand Bahama Island, and this is the first time I've been able to explore this port of call.

There are not many choices for what to do, so I booked a visit to the Grand Lucayan resort.

The Grand Lucayan is a famous resort on the island that Royal Caribbean is likely purchasing to transform as part of a new redevelopment project. I thought it might be nice to see what there is to do now, and how it looks like.

Our times in port were 7:00am to 3:30pm, so it made for limited hours on shore since nothing in any Caribbean port opens before 9am.

We walked through the port area, which had shops and bars.  These were all closed, although some opened later in the day.

We took a taxi to the hotel (~$35 each way) to the hotel. Our taxi driver said we were his first fare in a year and a half.

Once we got to the hotel, we checked in at the front desk.

There are two resorts: The Grand Lucayan and Lighthouse Pointe.  The Grand Lucayan is closed, but Lighthouse Pointe is open.

We arrived right around 9am, and I actually booked a hotel room on an all-inclusive rate.  At the time of booking, the hotel was not taking day passes, but they are doing that now.

The day pass rate is $75 per adult, and $65 for kids.

With the all inclusive option, you get food and drinks at all the restaurants at Lighthouse Pointe, house wines by the glass, local beers, and bottled beers and some premium liquors.

Perrier Water, Vitamin water, Gatorade, Wine by the bottle, and top shelf brands are not included.

We immediately headed to the pool and beach.

There is an infinity pool and lap pool available, along with a hot tub. Both looked great, and there is chairs and umbrellas you can sit at.

The beach was really nice, and the sand was powdery soft.  If it had not been mostly overcast, it would have been really pretty.

There was no waiter service, but the nearby beach bar was just steps away from the pool and beach.  They opened at 11am and served drinks and lunch.

You can tell the resort is in need of some upgrade work, but for a day guest it was fine.

What stood out the most to me was the fact there were barely any other guests. For the first hour or two, we did not see anyone else at the beach or pool.

By the time we left, we saw perhaps 10 other guests in total.  It was strange.

We had lunch from the pool bar, and they had a nice selection of food choices. Burgers, wings, fish and more.  Pretty good quality and fresh cooked.

We had a nice time enjoying the infinity pool to ourselves. Being an all-inclusive, I'm certain we did not get our moneys worth in terms of food and drink, but it was interesting to see this resort in person.

Would I go back? I am debating that right now for our next sailing. It sounds like a lot of other cruisers did not enjoy their tours, so we may just stay onboard the ship next time.

Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 6 - Sea Day

18 Jun 2021

One of the best things about going on a cruise ship is all the fun packed onboard, and a sea day is a great time to try it out.

Before we hit up the fun, the matter of testing was needed.

Royal Caribbean transformed deck 5 of the main dining room into a rapid test center, and guests had the choice of getting an antigen test today or tomorrow.

This test serves two purposes: satisfying Bahamian law and providing a test result to get back into the United States.

This was an antigen test, so it was quick and easy.  Most people made reservations once onboard the ship for a time slot, although they seemed to have more availability and took walk-ins.

Since we are doing a back-to-back cruise, my kids had to get an antigen test, but my wife and I did not since we are both fully vaccinated.

Test results are emailed back to you, as well as delivered to your stateroom.

The weather today was not great, with lots of clouds and even some rain.  The forecast was for things to clear up as we got closer to The Bahamas.

Something else new on Royal Caribbean is a new fleetwide drink menu.

Every few years, Royal Caribbean updates its drink menu for locations that do not have a specialized drink menu. One noticable difference with this year's edition is there is a focus on drinks sourced from Caribbean islands, as well as more attention to low alcohol and no alcohol drinks.

Royal Caribbean set up a sampling event where some of the new drinks could be sampled.

Don't worry, the menu is just a starting point, so you can still order all of your favorite cocktails.

With the weather iffy at best, we enjoyed some time relaxing onboard.

A few fellow RoyalCaribbeanBlog readers even took over a Blackjack table in the casino for some fun.  

The casino is limiting tables to 4 people to enforce social distancing.

Dinner this evening took us to Izumi, which is the only location in the fleet on the Royal Promenade.

I love sushi, especially from Izumi, and they also have a menu of non-sushi items to enjoy as well.

After dinner, we went to Studio B to check out the ice skating show.  

Many guests onboard were equally interested to see one of the ice show's cast, Jordan, who had been doing vlogs on her YouTube channel about being a crew member on Adventure of the Seas.

After the show, there was a comedian in the theater, who did a great job of working the crowd into his act.

In both Studio B and the theater, many seats and even entire rows are unavailable to sit in for social distancing purposes.

Tomorrow is our last day of the sailing, and we will be in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 5 - Cozumel

17 Jun 2021

Adventure of the Seas made its first port of call stop not at a private island on this sailing, when we arrived in Cozumel.

Unfortunately the weather forecast was not favorable, but you gotta make do with what you get.

Since it was overcast and looked like it might rain a lot, we decided to go downtown and have lunch instead of doing an excursion or going to the beach.

I was curious to see what Cozumel is like after all these months without cruise ships and the tourists they bring.  While so much attention is given to the plight of the cruise lines during the shutdown, ports like Cozumel have been suffering without the daily flow of tourists.

I was surprised to see most of the shops and restaurants open for business. Perhaps they all just closed up until today, but the stores were ready for tourists.

In fact, many of the people working at these shops were surprised to see cruise ship visitors.  Some told us they had heard cruise ship guests would be limited to cruise line excursions, or were simply unaware a ship was back.

In Cozumel, you have to wear a mask inside and outside, regardless of if you are vaccinated or not. It's a federal law, so it definitely made walking around a little more uncomfortable since the humidity was extremely high.

Besides wearing masks, the experience being back downtown was the same as in the past. Lots of people encouraging you to stop in and shop, restaurants open, and taxis all over the place.

We had lunch in a restaurant we had never been to before north of downtown, but the food was disappointing.  It just was nothing special.

We then headed to a new coffee shop that I had never seen before, Aqui + Ahora Coffee.

The place had a great vibe to it, and a nice assortment of coffees, snacks, and some light food too.

Afterwards, we decided to head back to the ship and relax in our (air conditioned) cabin.

Overall, Cozumel looked better than I expected.  I thought perhaps only a fraction of the stores or restaurants would be open, but a surprisingly large number of venues were open.

When we come back next week, our plan is to visit an old favorite, Paradise Beach, and see what that experience is like now.

Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 4 - Sea Day

16 Jun 2021

Our first sea day is my first good opportunity to check out different areas of Adventure of the Seas to see what is new and different, as well as see how the policies are working.

The first place I headed was the main dining room for breakfast, and the experience is the same, but the menu has been updated with a new look, and I think the market fresh vegetable bowl is new as well.

Going from Nassau to CocoCay meant we never truly were at sea in the traditional sense, but today the ship will spend all day at sea as we head west to Cozumel.

I decided to head up to the pool deck and enjoy some time outdoors with the sea breeze, and it stared off as a beautiful day with sun and a few clouds.

After catching up on some work, I walked around the ship to check out different facilities.

First up is the fitness center, which is open although it has limited capacity.

The fitness center requires passengers to sign up for a time slot, as only 16 people can use it at a time. You can sign up via the Royal Caribbean app, or in person at the entrance.

There are machines blocked off to promote social distancing.

The complimentary sauna and steam rooms in the fitness center are closed until further notice due to Covid-19 concerns.

Something else a lot of cruisers love is the ice cream on the pool deck, and that is operational throughout the day.  A crew member serves it for you.

The pool deck experience was fantastic, and one of the nice nuances of being on a ship with reduced capacity is you can roll up to the pool deck mid-morning and not have to compete for a lounge chair by the pool.

I wrote yesterday about some of the lessons learned early on, and the lack of crowds is a really nice "side effect" of the current state of cruising.

For lunch, our partners from MEI Travel rented out Giovanni's Table and invited everyone who booked into the group to enjoy a meal.

Unfortunately, the weather turned for the worse in the afternoon and the sun gave way to clouds and rain.  

I headed inside and enjoyed some time catching up with friends onboard, and it was the kind of relaxing afternoon on a sea day that I missed being able to experience during the shutdown.

Our evening schedule was back to routine tonight, with taking the kids to the main dining room for dinner, and then dropping them off at Adventure Ocean.

Speaking of Adventure Ocean, the reservation system up there is working out just fine and yesterday (day 3) they opened up bookings for everyone beyond the initial 15 hours we were limited to when we got onboard.

Dinner was at Chops Grille, and it was another fantastic evening of service and quality food.  Throughout the ship's dining venues, the service and food temperature has been really good. 

Maybe all this time away from cruising has changed my expectations, but overall the restaurant experience has been terrific.

After dinner, we headed to the Duck and Dog Pub to enjoy acoustic music with Kieran, who I first saw on Facebook doing live videos from his cabin during quarantine.  

I love live music in the pub, and Kieran has a great combination of personality and talent.

Tomorrow we will be in Cozumel, rain or shine!

Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Coco Beach Club

14 Jun 2021

The only way to top a day at Perfect Day at CocoCay is to do it again a second time.

Royal Caribbean rarely offers sailings with multiple visits to its private island, but it did so for these Adventure of the Seas sailings from The Bahamas.

Our ship departed CocoCay last night, and we basically did a loop in the ocean before returning to the island. There was speculation this decision had to do with being able to operate the ship's casino only when at sea, but the casino has been open while in CocoCay.

Just like yesterday, we docked around 7am and unlike yesterday, it was not raining.

In fact, while it sometimes looked like it might rain, the rain kept away from us keeping us dry and mostly sunny.  Shoutout to Royal Caribbean Chief Meteorologist James Van Fleet for using his weather wizardry to keep it clear today!

Today's plan was to visit the exclusive area of the island, the Coco Beach Club.

Full disclosure: Royal Caribbean invited us to spend the day at the club in a floating cabana.

I had been to the Coco Beach Club when it first opened in early 2020, but my wife and kids had not been there, so it was a good opportunity to let them experience it.

The appeal of the Beach Club is simple: an exclusive area for guests who value being somewhere with an elevated experience.

Most of the island is included in your cruise fare, but the beach club was built to offer a little something extra special that resembles more of a resort club than typical beach day.

Read more: What costs extra at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

There is an inifinity pool, plush loungers, and a restaurant worthy of being a specialty restaurant on the ship.

Of course, the floating cabanas are the crown jewel of the Coco Beach Club, and offer amazing views.  Unlike other beach cabanas that are more about giving you private space, the floating cabanas are about enhancing your time on and near the water, with a slide, full shower, and lots of lounging space.

If you purchase just the club access, you can enjoy the beach or infinity pool to spend the day, with ample seating in both.

By far, the day beds are the most desirable and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Come very early if you want one.

The best part of my day was sampling all the food in the Coco Beach Club restaurant. Royal Caribbean International's Vice President of Food & Beverage Operations Linken D'Souza hosted our lunch at the restaurant.

The menu features a variety of choices that borrows from American, Mediterranean, and Bahamian influences.

The lobster sandwich is the standout hit for the restaurant, but their filet, lobster, and grouper are really outstanding.

Your day at the beach club is about treating yourself, and they do an admiral job at it.  Compared to my previous visit, I did not notice any major changes.

Other than some social distancing protocols added, the club experience is essentially the same as it was before. If you were worried about the restart taking its toll on the club, not at all.

It also seemed a lot of fellow cruisers elected to splurge on a day at the club, because they seemed to have a lot of folks there.  The concept of "revenge travel" I think may be at play here.

In total, the Coco Beach Club can accomodate 440 people, with 240 being in the cabanas.

Speaking of the cabanas, a common question is can you get extra passes beyond the standard 8 that come with the cabana. Yes, you can get an extra two passes, but 10 is the limit.

Stray observations

South Beach is closed to guests because there is no need for the added capacity, but Royal Caribbean opened up the area exclusively to crew members to use.

If you prefer or can't eat lobster, the Coco Beach Club restaurant can offer a chicken sandwich that is not listed on the menu.

Crown and Anchor drink coupons are not accepted at the Coco Cay Beach Club or at Coco Cay from what I've heard and seen so far.

Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Perfect Day at CocoCay

13 Jun 2021

If there is one thing I missed just as much as being on a cruise ship, it was being at Royal Caribbean's private island of Perfect Day at CocoCay.

In the short time the massive refurbishment of CocoCay had been open to guests, it instantly became a top favorite spot to visit on any cruise, and I would day dream of being there as much as being on a ship.

On this sailing, we have two stops at the island, which is incredible considering there are rarely itineraries that visit the island twice in one sailing.

I was sure to get up early for a full day of fun on the island, and we had room service delivered to the room so my kids could eat and get ready at the same time.

Before the ship was cleared for guests to disembark, a full parade celebrating the resumption of sailings to the island welcomed us back.

There were drums, festive dress, and lots of enthusiasm.  The crew from every department and rank are visibily excited to have cruises again.

Unfortunately the weather was a little rainy to start with, but I checked the Twitter account for Royal Caribbean's Chief Meteorolgist James Van Fleet, who said there would be a few passing showers in the morning but they would give way to clear skies.

"In JVF I Trust", and the morning showers did in fact go quickly and turn into a beautiful day.

Today, I reserved a Thrill Waterpark cabana so the kids could get in plenty of rides.

I really like the value of a cabana in Thrill waterpark because it includes admission to the waterpark.  I think it is a great option for families to have a "home base" where kids can relax, snack, and then hit the water slides and pools on repeat.

You might be wondering what is different about Perfect Day at CocoCay today compared to 2020, and it is almost exactly as it used to be in 2020 when I last visited.

I walked around the island to get a sense of venues and space, and I can tell you I did not notice anything not operating.

Royal Caribbean has added social distancing markers on the ground near slides and dining venues. 

With just around 1,000 passengers onboard, these are not necessary, but Royal Caribbean is preparing for the full scale return of cruising some day soon.

There are also hand wipe stations before each slide so everyone can wash their hands before touching the handrails going up the slides.

Getting on a cruise ship yesterday was incredible, and being back at Perfect Day today was the icing on the "welcome back" cake. 

We had a great day enjoying the Thrill Waterpark, and with the reduced capacity on the ship there no lines to contend with, which made for perfect conditions.

As the afternoon went on, we really enjoyed time at the Wave Pool.  While the slides get all the attention, the wave pool is vastly underrated.

There seem to be three cycles to the waves, and when the "super waves" kick in (my kids' name for them), it gets intense.  

Eventually, it was time to head back to the ship to get ready for dinner. The downside to having early seating dinner is you have to head back a little earlier to get ready, but since we are back tomorrow again, it is not a problem.

I wanted to check on the situation in the Suite and Diamond Lounge, since there were some changes announced pre-cruise for these locations.

Both venues had seating spaced out a bit more, but they felt more "normal" than not.

Tomorrow, we're back for more fun at Perfect Day at CocoCay!

Adventure of the Seas Live Blog - Day 0 - Nassau arrival

11 Jun 2021

It's somewhat hard to believe even for me, but cruising is back, and I'm set to go on the first Royal Caribbean cruise in North America since March 2020.

Royal Caribbean announced in March 2021 that Adventure of the Seas would start sailing from The Bahamas, and I immediately had to jump at the chance to go on a cruise ship that would be able to sail.

This 7-night cruise will begin and end in Nassau, Bahamas so that means we would have to fly to The Bahamas to board the ship.

I always advocate flying into a city at least one day early to protect yourself against any travel delays.  Plus, vacation starts earlier!

Luckily, it is a very short flight from Orlando to Nassau, clocking in at just under an hour flight time.

Before traveling to The Bahamas, everyone must obtain a health visa.  Originally, the health visa required tests for everyone, but they relaxed rules for the fully vaccinated.

Kids 11 and under don't need a test either, so it was really just filling out an online form and paying a $40 per person fee that includes mandatory travel insurance while you are in The Bahamas.

You can fill it out online two weeks in advance, and they approve it all pretty darn quickly.

With our paperwork all set, we headed to the airport for our early morning flight from Orlando.

This was our first flight since the global health crisis began, and it felt pretty much the same as before, albeit with masks on in the airport and plane.

Our flight was full, and we took off on time. 

A short 54 minutes later and we arrived in Nassau.

The arrival process is pretty simple, with the added requirement you have to fill out standard immigration process as well as your Bahamas health visa form.

Lines were short, and we were on our way to our hotel.

For the one night before the cruise, I booked the Sandyport Beach Resort because they had reasonably priced suites (compared to some other hotels in Nassau) which are right on a beach inlet.

The resort is a bit dated, but otherwise exactly as advertised: a suite room that you can walk right from your patio to the beach.

The entire day there were very few other guests around (I think many opted to go to other well-known beaches), and we went between the beach and pool.

During the afternoon, Royal Caribbean opened up the health questionairre form, which is done via the Royal Caribbean app and saves you time in the cruise terminal later.

There are a few shops and restaurants you can walk to around the hotel, so we decided to keep it simple and eat at a nearby restaurant, Twisted Lime.

The Bahamas is still taking their Covid-19 precautions very seriously. There is a curfew after 10pm, and masks must be worn everywhere. Moreover, you cannot dine indoors unless everyone is fully vaccinated.

At the Twisted Lime, they had a nice dockside set up where we could eat outdoors and enjoy typical American and seafood dishes.

After dinner we started vacation off with ice cream!

Tomorrow is the big day, and we get to finally get onboard Adventure of the Seas and end the North American cruise drought.

Check out my live blog tomorrow here, as well as a few live broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube.


Live Blogging from Adventure of the Seas - Preamble

08 Jun 2021

Believe it or not, I am headed back on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship for the first time since February 2020.

I will board Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas for the first North American sailing by Royal Caribbean International when we depart Nassau, Bahamas on June 12.

Going on a cruise ship again for the return to service in the western hemisphere for Royal Caribbean is a reunion of memories, friends, and fun.

Royal Caribbean announced in March that Adventure of the Seas would sail from The Bahamas, and since then has been something the entire cruise industry has been watching.

Why we chose this cruise

Photo by Theoni P.

Simply put, I booked the first sailing of Adventure of the Seas because I wanted to be there for the first opportunity to cruise again.

Sure, I booked this cruise for the journalistic element of covering what is happening with Royal Caribbean, and certainly a return to service is significant. But I also booked this sailing for deeply personal reasons.

I love going on cruises, and going without cruises for well over a year meant something big was missing from my life.  So when I heard there was going to be a cruise to go on this summer, I told my travel agent to book it before I could even talk it over with my wife or kids.

Exemplifying how excited I am to get back onboard, I have actually booked a back-to-back sailing. This means we will be onboard for the first and second cruises Adventure of the Seas will offer.

My plans onboard

Like almost everyone reading this post, I am very curious to see what it is like being back on a cruise.

The global health crisis has changed so much, so what will it be like to go on a cruise ship in a world still dealing with Covid-19?

When I booked the cruise, I thought for certain we would all be wearing masks all around the ship, have limited capacity in many venues, be limited to cruise line shore excursions, and a variety of other stringent protocols mandated by the cruise line.

As it turns out, things will be much closer to a normal cruise pre-shutdown than I could have ever imagined.

Royal Caribbean announced last week the protocols onboard, and as a fully vaccinated guest, there are very few changes that I am aware of currently.  On this cruise, all adults over the age or 16 must be fully vaccinated to sail.

I am traveling with my two daughters, who are 10 and 6 years old.  Neither of them are vaccinated, but will be able to sail with primarily the requirement of wearing a face mask when going between venues, and perhaps in other areas.

This will provide sufficient time to truly get a sense of what a cruise is like these days, but also satisfy that craving so many cruise fans have been denied since early 2020.

This is also my first time ever sailing on Adventure of the Seas, so I also get to check off another ship from my list of vessels I have sailed on.  This leaves just Voyager of the Seas as the only Voyager Class ship I have not yet been on.

My plans on shore

I think most people booking the first cruise back would be happy if the ship sat in port for a week, but we are indeed going to visit a few ports of call.

First, our cruise departs from Nassau, Bahamas.  This is the first time Royal Caribbean has sailed from here, which means some changes and new experiences.

All guests must secure a Bahamas health visa, which used to be more difficult than it is now.  The Bahamas relaxed their health visa requirements for the fully vaccinated, and kids 11 and under do not need a test to get into the country.

We will fly in the day before the cruise, so expect a pre-cruise live blog post all about getting to Nassau, and the various steps along the way.

Once our cruise sets sail, we will visit:

Yes, you read that correctly. We are visiting Royal Caribbean's private island twice in one sailing (and four times across our back-to-back cruise). Before cruises shutdown, itineraries visiting CocoCay twice in one sailing were extremely rare, so this feels like a huge win.

Our plans for Perfect Day at CocoCay are to work in as much of the island as we can, including a day at the water park, renting a floating cabana at the Coco Beach Club, and plenty of chicken sandwiches.

One major change Royal Caribbean announced last week was we could book independent shore excursions in Cozumel and Freeport, which is a tremendous improvement.  Royal Caribbean's tour options were extremely limited, so the additional flexibility is very welcome.

In Cozumel, I am still looking through a few beach day options. We love going to Paradise Beach, but are considering trying something new to mix it up a bit.

Freeport is a port I have not explored before, but I was able to book a hotel room at Lighthouse Pointe at the Grand Lucayan Resort to check out what could be the site of Royal Caribbean's next big project. They are not selling day passes due to Covid-19, but a hotel room for the four of us was not much more than what the day pass might have cost us otherwise.

What's next

My Adventure of the Seas cruise begins on Saturday, June 12th, and I will be sharing the details on the blog, as well as across my social media channels.  Be sure to follow me on FacebookYouTube, and Twitter for live updates throughout the day.

I invite you to share in this experience with me, by posting in the comments for any blog post questions and comments you may have.  I try to make these live blogs as interactive as I can, so I want everyone to feel welcome to share their thoughts.

Thanks for reading all of this and welcome aboard our next fun live blog experience!

Live blogging from Adventure of the Seas – Day 6 – Sea Day

27 Oct 2018

Today was our final day on board as we made our way back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  I had planned on sleeping in this morning but I woke up and enjoyed sunrise from my balcony.  Since we fell back an hour in Grand Cayman, today we went forward an hour. 

I headed up to the pool deck at 9AM and I saw plenty of chairs open.  Due to the time change not many guests were up at the pool already.  Of course a few chair hogs made it out early, but wasn’t an issue. 

They were selling t-shirts at the pool deck for $10 to help something to do with the ocean; I think its sea turtles but not 100% sure.  After a few hours on the pool deck, Hillary wanted to take a nap, so off to the casino I went. 

On sea days they have $2 mimosas from 11AM-12PM, so why not!  I had two and enjoyed talking with new people at the bar.  If you want to grab one and leave, you can get two in one big glass for $4.  

This afternoon I explored around the ship. Tthey had the usual last day of the cruise T-shirt sales, 2 for $20.  I did notice a lot of new shirts I had never seen before, but passed on more cruise shirts. 

At some point I walked by guest services to see the longest line I’ve ever seen.  Maybe people trying to settle up on there on board account.  I always just leave a card on file and used the app to keep track of my on board spending.  Speaking of the app, it worked really well on this cruise.  We never looked at the cruise compass we had the whole week’s schedule day one in the app. 

After my much needed nap I went down to the Champagne bar for an evening cocktail or two.  The bar is always packed at 5PM with people having drinks before early dinner.  I would always wait until 5:30PM and it was completely empty. 

At some point I headed up to the diamond lounge to say good bye to some people I had enjoyed drinks with all week.  I felt like the only person not doing the back to back, in fact they have over 100 staying on board for the 8 night. 

I enjoyed some chicken wings in the lounge and that was my dinner for the night.  I really wasn’t that hungry and didn’t want to eat just to eat.  My friend Paul and I stayed at the pub for a few hours to end the cruise.  We both mentioned how we felt like the ship was finally coming to life tonight.  People were out in full force and enjoying the live music. 

Thoughts on Adventure of the Seas

I really enjoyed this cruise, though I wouldn’t put in as my favorite of all time.  We both thought the entertainment just wasn’t up to par.  The singers in the lounges were not that engaging with the guest.  Though these things don’t have to make or break the cruise, I’ve just experienced some stronger entertainers on other ships.  I also wouldn’t let this prevent me from going on Adventure again, because the entertainers are always coming and going. 

The crew was always fantastic, always smiling and willing to help.  The wait at the bars was few and far between; you could always grab a seat at the lounges.  Speaking of bars, my ending bill was $150 and that’s including a bottle of Kraken from the store tonight.  We really didn’t miss having the drink package with so many port days. 

The food on board Adventure was great; we really loved doing Chef’s table twice during the week.  We never made it to the main dining room, so can’t report anything there.  The windjammer always had a lot of options and we could also always get a seat. 

I hope you enjoyed this live blog on Adventure of the Seas; I sure had a lot of fun sharing over the week.  I’ll see you in January on Brilliance of the Seas!


Live blogging from Adventure of the Seas – Day 5 – Cozumel, Mexico

26 Oct 2018

Today was our third and final port of call in Cozumel, Mexico.  We docked at 7:45AM and were in port until 5PM.  Cozumel is my most visited port stops, so I was just looking for a relaxing day on the beach. 

I booked Nachi Cocom online (third party) for $55 per person.  Unlike yesterday, you are required to get to and from on your own.  We took the morning easy and left the ship around 9AM.  They have taxis lined up and it’s a quick 10-15 minute ride over to Nachi.  I’m not sure of the very price it cost but its somewhere around $18, I always just hand them $20.  Now coming back I shared a ride with another couple to save $10, because it’s $20 for up to 4 passengers. 

When I arrived they let me know that Nachi didn’t have very many bookings today, only around 15 people for the day and they can hold up to 130 guests. I’ve been to Nachi around ten times and never seen a day like this where it was so empty.  We were walked over to our beach chairs and the beers started to arrive moments later. 

Most of the morning was relaxing in my chair of going for a quick swim in the ocean.  The cycle went on for three hours before we made it up to the pool area.  We made some new friends in the hot tub and tequila shots may have happened. 

I like to eat lunch up by the entrance with table and chairs.  However, if you want they will bring the food down to you on the beach.  We ordered shrimp and chicken fajitas, so we could try both.  I loved the shrimp and she loved the chicken, so it worked out perfect.  They also brought out some chips and guacamole, all I can say is we left none behind!

After lunch we stayed up in the pool / hot tub area the rest of the day.  I happen to look down at my watch and noticed it was 3:30PM and all on board was 4:30PM, so it was time to get moving. 

All around a perfect day at Nachi, very relaxing and the ocean water is beautiful.  The service was also outstanding today; I think it was a 1 to 1 ratio for employees to guest today. 

On board

Once we made it back on board I relaxed on my balcony for an hour.  I saw a large flow a guest walking down the pier around 4:50PM.  I suppose they were on a Royal tour for us to have waited for them. 

Tonight we ordered our free diamond photos for pick up tomorrow.  Some good advice around that is don’t wait until the last night, it’s a zoo.  On Adventure they have the touch screens and you must order the photo to be printed.  We were still able to apply our diamond coupon for a free photo at checkout. 

After the photo lounge we headed over to the casino to use our free spin to win.  Sad to report we didn’t even win a key chain.   I also made a nice donation to Royal Caribbean while we were in there. 

We didn’t have any plans for dinner tonight; we talked about doing Johnny Rockets but were too tired from Cozumel.  So off to the Windjammer we went.  Since it was around 8PM they were starting to shut things down on one side.  The food was fine for a quick dinner and I was able to grab a diamond beer at the back bar. 

After dinner we hung out in the pub for an hour listening to live music.  The pub entertainer isn’t the best I’ve ever had but it’s still fun.  I bought one kraken and diet for $8 with tip.  My new bar total is $120 for the cruise after 5 nights.  It so seems like the drink cards are going away, my last two cruises they haven’t been seen. 

Tomorrow is a sea day as we head back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Stay tuned plenty more Adventure fun coming!

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