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Mariner of the Sea Dinner Dress code

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Hi. First time posting and cruising so be nice. We booked the short 4 night cruise from Miami to the Bahamas on the Mariner. 

What is appropriate to wear to dinner in the regular dining hall and the upgrade dinner options? I’ve read mix opinions online  it seems not shorts but jeans are okay,l for regular dining, except for one night will be formal so dress pants and button up shirt (or is suit and tie required)?  That’s where it gets confusing  

Also We’re probably going to get the deluxe beverage package which includes better coffee options and alcoholic drinks. Is it worth it?



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   This is a long standing debate on here for years.  I have seen everything from shorts,  t-shirts and flip flops (and that was on formal night) to tuxedos in the MDR.  Probably the only thing would get you turned down in the MDR would be swim wear.  Relax, your on vacation so dont worry about what others are wearing.  Your suggestions of dress pants and button shirt on formal night are fine.  Jeans and collared shirt will do just fine on other nights in the MDR.

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54 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

A couple of years ago, on a Radiance sailing, Dan was turned away from the Main Dining Room for wearing shorts on formal nights.  I’m not sure that would happen today but I will say that Dan has never gone to the MDR in shorts on any cruise since lol.  


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