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Smartphone app used on Allure of the Seas?

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I have downloaded the smartphone app prior to our cruise Apr 22 and it looks good.  It has menus for the dining places including the MDR.  It also has prices for extra charge items both prior to sailing and onboard.  

Does anyone have any experience using the latest version while on board?   

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You're talking about the Allure of the Seas, though, right?

At best, the app was only mildly useful aboard, but it was pretty much garbage.  I say that because while it was handy to have the ship maps, cruise compass and all the MDR and specialy restaurant menus (and you don't need a wifi package to use it), that's all it was really good for.  And the itinerary on my sailing got shuffled due to the weather, shows got rescheduled, and there were all sorts of changes and NONE of the updates made it to the app.  None of them.  At that point, it was outright wrong information and useless.

Fortunately, there are big touch-screens by all the elevators that were kept up to date and worked very well.

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39 minutes ago, Matt said:

As in open at all? Or do something?

Matt, I got it to work just fine on my phone.  It's the iPad that is giving me the trouble.  I will chalk it up to some kind of IT incompatibility.  

On the iPad, it doesn't want to let me sign in.  I think I may try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Thanks for trying to help.



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