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  1. Thank you for the maps, now just have to decide which is a better location.
  2. Does anybody know the difference between daybeds and south beach day beds on the cruise planner for CocoCay? We would like to rent one for upcoming cruise but confused on the locations.
  3. Can you put a roll away bed in a grand suite on HOTS. I have a 20 and 18 year old who won’t share a bed.,
  4. Does anybody have any idea what they will be adding during dry-dock?
  5. Are the things listed in green things the ship will get during dry dock?
  6. Thanks for the picture. How is storage space for 4 people?
  7. Thanks, more pictures would be great!
  8. Has anybody had a roll away bed in a Grand Suite on an Oasis class ship? We have two boys that will be 20 & 18 and won’t sleep together. From videos it looks like one would fit between the bar and sofa but would rather here any experiences. Thanks in advance?
  9. Thanks for the information, that sounds like something we will take advantage of.
  10. Thanks everyone for their replies. We did an OS on ALlure last summer but really want to go to Grand Cayman. I have heard good things about LOS. A little concerned about the differences from Oasis class to Freedom class. Any other info would be great!
  11. Is the Suites breakfast alacarte? We were on Allure and loved the Suites breakfast at Coastal kitchen. Hoping this perk is similar but in different location. Also how is the suites lounge? We love the OS as well! Love the table inside and outside too. thank u for the info.
  12. Hi all, We are planning to sail on Liberty in an owners suite. Does anybody know if there is early embarking and disembarking? Also is there a dedicated restaurant for breakfast that is not buffet? Finally is there a dedicated pool deck or area? Any other perks I’m not aware of? TIA
  13. Yes we have an owners suite. First suite& first cruise on Oasis class ship so lots to learn. Very excited! Thanks everyone😊
  14. Thanks. I am new to RCCL. We are on the Allure of the Seas. I thought the OP knew in advance. I will just wait and see if we get an invitation.😊
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