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37 minutes ago, JNS123 said:

We are sailing on our first Royal cruise, this November. We are going as a family of four. However, my wife has a different last name than me and my kids. Does this mean that we will need to bring any extra documentation to the port? Thanks

It may be too late for this one, but I would recommend working with a good travel agent in the future.  They can assist in this type of thing and make sure everyone has the right documents.  Good Luck!

If you don't have a travel agent currently, i'd recommend MEI travel (blog sponsor).  In this case, you should contact Royal directly to ensure that you have the information from the source.  While i trust many things on this site, it's worth it to verify some things with Royal, just to make sure something with your trip doesn't require changes.

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I have a different last name than my husband and kids. The kids all have their own passport with their names. We have never been given any issue whatsoever with booking or boarding. Additionally, my parents took our kids on a cruise, totally different last names than the kids, no issue. I did have to fill out some forms and have them notarized for them to travel with their grandparents, but my folks said they didn't even look at the docs. 

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