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MCO closing 9/28 at 10:30 am EDT

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A post on Twitter from Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Operational Update – Hurricane Ian  Commercial operations at MCO will cease at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, 09/28/22. Entry to all parking facilities will be closed at that same period. Please contact your airline for flight updates.

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59 minutes ago, ScooterScott22 said:

Not really since port is closed to all traffic.  DCL extended the current cruise and has cancelled the next already.

Until the port re-opens and the airport hasn't yet or airlines have not fully ramped up their operations yet.  PCN may be open on Friday while not all airlines may not fully back to 100% of flights on Friday.  Mariner has pushed turn around from Thursday to Friday.

Back in 2016 I lucked out and my flight to FLL was one of the first to land after a hurricane.  I had planned to land around 10pm the night before the cruise which ended up saving my cruise.  As it turned out my flight was the first to land at FLL.  Everyone else who had planned to fly in before me during the day became backed up and bumped onto flights over the next few days.  Those flights after the airport reopened were already mostly sold so it took days to find seats for all the displaced fliers from the airport closure.  Oasis delayed their departure to around 7pm in hopes that some delayed fliers would make the ship but we ended up sailing with at least 25% of guests not on board.  

So airport closures absolutely impact the ability to make a cruise.  Not an issue if you drive to the port but for fly in guests an airport closure can wreak havoc on your plans for days after a hurricane has passed.

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Jame Van Fleet (RC's meteorologist) responded to a FaceBook question about Port Canaveral reopening.  I would think this would apply to any closed ports due to weather:


 we are delayed until Friday and the timing isn’t depending on us “making a call” but rather we have to wait until Port and Coast Guard do their Channel Survey (for debris under the water) and then we are cleared to “come in”. That take a little time, and add to it, we are uncertain of when they will start. So many moving parts, but we will update as quickly as possible as the details come together.
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