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Alaska 2024

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I'm working on a trip for a group of friends and I who are looking to sail Alaska in 2024.  I was curious when the dates for 2023 were opened so I can have a sense when 2024 might open for booking.  I'm suggesting we do a Radiance northbound sailing and then do some touring into Alaska afterward.  I did this with my family and my parents back in 2015 and it was a fantastic trip.

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2 hours ago, FoxboroCruiser said:

Same for Caribbean itineraries?  I’ve been checking almost daily for June 2024 cruises.  We want to try Oasis class, 7 nights out of a Florida port in June 2024 🚢⚓️🛟

Prior to Covid it would usually be between November and December of this year for 5/23-4/24 Caribbean cruises.

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I am also planning an Alaskan cruise for the summer of 2024.  DW and DD1 have agreed.  DD2, DS1 and DS2 are excited. 

We will go to Denali and Seward for a week on our own.  Is Fairbanks worth flying into and visiting instead of Ancourage?  We will do the SB on Radiance of the Seas.

I do all of the heavy planning.  DW wont look at much until we are on the flight to Alaska (reality from past vacations).  I will need to get her attention for a few decisions before then.

DD1 is a special ed teacher so we need to confirm the weeks of the vacation and the cabin locations.  Are there anything else we need to decide before  booking in November?  I know I need to get DW's attention for booking excursions.  UGH.  In most of the ports we will divide up so we all have fun.  

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Fairbanks the town is really unimpressive (think really big strip mall) but the scenery anywhere in Alaska is terrific. The drive between Anchorage and Seward is a great one though, and Seward is gorgeous.

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