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blackberrry drinks

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Anything with Chambord blackberry liqueur.

I don't remember it having a specific name, but a Schooner Bar bartender on Rhapsody (Adrian) made my wife a delicious cocktail that consisted of the following:

Absolut Vanilla, Chambord, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Cranberry Juice, and Strawberry Puree. 

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3 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

If there's actually any bourbon on board...

They were making Kentucky Summers with WT101 by day two of my cruise. Pool bar was the only one that had Buffalo Trace or Maker's by that time. Ended up skipping cocktails and just drinking Glenlivet neat.

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10 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

Chambord is raspberry, though that might be close enough in a drink

yes!  it was the closest thing I saw on the menu.  Chambord is flavored with black raspberries - different from blackberries, but similar (black raspberries are not as "bright" as red raspberries).  I'm just speaking as a lover of Chambord and a fan of both kinds of berries.  But yes, Chambord is not blackberry.

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I'm a little late to tell the OP about this in time, but, for anyone else interested, I saw that the Sunshine Bar in the Quantum solarium had Mr. Boston Blackberry Schnapps.

FYI: If you're ever in that bar during his current contract, Reginald is a great bartender!


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