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Sitka on our own


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We are going on the Ovation of the Seas in July and our first stop is Sitka. We were planning on not going an excursion and going on our own.  I see that there are shuttles from the cruise dock that take you to downtown, can you walk on your own?  How far is it from the cruise dock to downtown?  Where does the Ovation dock in Sitka? We wanted to walk to the Sitka National Historical Park and maybe some other walking/mild hiking trails.  For those of you that have done this, what are the best hikes to go in in Sitka? 

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The shuttle bus is a ~10 minute ride.  I suppose you could walk it but there isn't a lot to see on the road.  It's 5.5 miles.


The trails around the National Historical Park are easy with minor elevation changes.  I just did them a few weeks ago.  I took the free shuttle and walked the 10 minutes from the shuttle bus stop to the Park.

If you are going to look for more hiking in the area outside of downtown come prepared with bear spray and a cowbell or something that makes noise.  Definite bear country.  

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25 minutes ago, Bowen said:

Is the raptor center walkable from the shuttle stop, like within 10-15 minutes?

I'm not familiar with where the shuttle stops are (when we were in Sitka we took tenders that dropped off right in town), but the Raptor Center is less than 1/2 mile from the Sitka National Historical Park.

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Would recommend taking the shuttle and getting to it early (there was a massive line.)

That being said - when I was in Sitka (off Ovation) back in September, we did the Zodiac Adventure + Fin Island Lodge lunch, so I didn't get to go into the town proper or explore much since it took most of the day. The sights and food on that excursion were awesome though! Probably my favorite part of that cruise since we ended up skipping the glacier before Juneau for a medical emergency.

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