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How soon before we can’t get Free test to travel

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I don't suspect it will be long.

When I was first being tested, there wasn't even mention of a fee associated with testing.

When my husband and I got our tests this past week, the testing sheet said right on it: $129 (each). Then it said "you saved $129 testing with us" which I assume means that they plan to bill it to the state... for now.

Need to get scheduled for boosters before they start charging for those, it seems.

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To be expected. Could not have a free testing program go on forever. Either the government or insurance company has to pay so now it will come at a cost. Either way it does not matter to us, we always used the eMed tests and paid for them. Small price for a cruise vacation.

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I think all of those testing places and free testing from the likes of CVS and such will dwindle down around this fall. Already in my neighborhood I have seen 3 of the free places close. I had 8, yes 8 within a 5 block walking radius and now there are just 5. I don't find the closure of these facilities disturbing because most were for peace of mind; they often didn't give useable results for travel. It not being offered at the likes of CVS would be detrimental. 

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