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  1. I don't suspect it will be long. When I was first being tested, there wasn't even mention of a fee associated with testing. When my husband and I got our tests this past week, the testing sheet said right on it: $129 (each). Then it said "you saved $129 testing with us" which I assume means that they plan to bill it to the state... for now. Need to get scheduled for boosters before they start charging for those, it seems.
  2. We just got off Independence (the sailing right after you) and found the food to be delicious. Hit up the Indian food at the Windjammer every day and it was amazing (admittedly, we don't touch anything fried or "American" like cheeseburgers and hot dogs.) Best breakfast was in the MDR (breakfast power wrap - amazing!) and the Windjammer breakfast was as I expected (not stupendous, but exactly what I'd expect from a buffet.) My only complaint about the food is that the MDR portions seemed to be drastically smaller than I ever recall from previous sailings - but our waiter offered to get my husband a second plate of his entrée the first night (I thought he must have overheard him murmur to me about the portion being small, but if he did, he certainly didn't let it affect his politeness.) Husband happily accepted, and they made sure to offer each night after. One thing I did notice was that one night in the MDR, our waiter and assistant waiter were both very stressed and highly concerned about our wait time. They apologized profusely, as if they were anticipating us flipping out on them. It was very sad and made me wonder what they have had to deal with as of late. I do think there are issues of understaffing, but also just a sudden influx of passengers after nearly two years without sailing. If you choose to go on your next trip, hopefully it will better fit your expectations!
  3. Thank you for this. I was wondering as well. Our first two cruises with RC, we were upgraded to the room category above ours (balcony to a junior suite, and inside to outside ocean view, respectively) but this was before the "upgrade preferences" in C&A. I'm sure with the influx of people on cruises and the RoyalUp I keep seeing that complimentary upgrades are essentially unheard of, but I would like to know how to set those preferences anyway in case we get lucky.
  4. Hello! My husband and I are considering an Alaskan cruise next year for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. We went on Royal for our honeymoon and our first anniversary. I'm looking at the various July 2023 sailings, and I see the following ships available: Enchantment Radiance Quantum I know Quantum is a massive ship and there is a lot to do. The prices are 200-300 more per person for Quantum versus Enchantment and Radiance. My concern is - do you even have time to explore/enjoy all of the things to do on Quantum for this price difference to be worth it? We have never been on an Alaskan itinerary, so I feel like we will want to explore the different ports of call and it will leave us little time to actually benefit from all of the extracurriculars on the ship itself. I see many Roll Call threads with Ovation in Alaska, which I plan to follow, but I wondered if anyone has any insight or opinion on this?
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