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Anthem Solarium mask question

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Hi all — under the new masking rules announced December 17th where guests must wear masks in vaccinated-only areas except while actively eating or drinking, how does that translate to the Solariums on Anthem?   Both Solariums (adults only and family) are covered, but they are pool areas.   If someone is lounging in a chair to get sun, does he / she have to wear a mask?  Thanks in advance!   

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Almost everyone was wearing a mask in the Solarium while walking around.

Almost no one was wearing a mask while sitting in a lounge chair.

I mean, if you're in the pool or hot tub, you're not wearing a mask.  If you're drinking you're not wearing a mask.  If you're at the Solarium bar, you're probably not wearing a mask.  If you're sitting you should be wearing a mask?  Didn't make a whole lot of sense.

The captain did announce it during his daily report always adding, "...including in the Solarium."  None of the crew was enforcing or trying to enforce.

One other thing.  The Solarium on Quantum class is completely enclosed.  Other ships are at least partially open.

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22 minutes ago, karl_nj said:

Didn't seem like anyone paid attention to that request though.

As I always enjoy saying for people who are concerned and ask these things on FB and forums....there is the rule and there is the ship by ship, person by person enforcement of that rule.  The rule is/was to wear a mask.  Sometimes a crew member would point this out, most times they didn't.  But the rule was to wear it 😉 so for an expectation setting point of view, one should expect to wear it ahead of their sailing at this point.  If you leave expecting to not wear it and end up surrounded by people heavily enforcing the stated rule you are setting yourself up for disappointment

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4 minutes ago, BrianAlt said:

Never saw one crew member ask someone to wear a mask in the Solarium.  Every other fully indoor place, I did see it.  

On last day I saw it at the indoor pool.  They started getting a lot more vocal about it towards the end of the sailing based on my anecdotal POV

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Thanks, all, this is very helpful!  I was really looking to understand the rule and I do abide by the rules.   Sounds like if I want to sunbathe maskless I will do so outside (and probably wait until we reach the warmer temperatures of the Caribbean!).   And if I spend time in the Solarium and want to be mask free, I can spend more time swimming and actively drinking which is fine by me!   😄

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