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Casino annual free cruise troubles


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I'm C&A diamond and casino prime member (and already prime for 2022) and I have unused 2021 CLUB ROYALE TIER BENEFIT (21TIER) that expires 3/31/2022.  

Day 1. I called to investigate price for the upgrade and ask for Tier Exclusive Rates for Family and Friends for Additional Staterooms  for my friends. We are planning to sail May 2022. For us deal was OK with the upgrade to balcony and taxes $900, but surprisingly highly acclaimed Exclusive Rate by Casino Royale  gave our friend huge discount of 100 USD. Oh well. Gathered info, called my friends (hardcore NCL cruisers), they are OK with it, we are going !

Day 2. called to confirm booking and make payments but I was told that my offer has (hidden) sail by date for March 31 2022. So I guess day 1 representative made a mistake.

Does it make sense? Therefore if I would be calling on March 30th to take advantage of this still valid offer, I would need to sail the very next day or loose it.

Not very friendly lady said that it is what it is in the system and denied me access to supervisor  "because it will not make any difference". It just sad to see how Royal is throwing those free cruises left and right just for looking at a slot machine and at the same time takes a very rigid stand towards their loyal cruisers. Ehhh

I had to vent!

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4 hours ago, Nickayres85 said:

How do you apply for your annual cruise I recently finished on my first crusie and have a prime member in the casino. But I have no idea how to see or apply for my yearly cruise.


You will get a certificate/code after April 25th that you can use for your free cruise.

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Log on to the following site: https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/

Put in your surname and C&A number and it will show you your casino offers. The status reset 1st April and to date they have not loaded the annual Prime Tier Benefit inside cabin. Should be later this month. It is worth logging on monthly to see other offers they may give you. 

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