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Wonderland fully booked 170 prior to sailing? help!


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Hi folks! I am trying to book Wonderland. However the cruse planner only shows 2 time slots/day and says there is no availability.

Could it be that all time slots are fully booked 6 months ahead (170 to sailing)? or could it be that they simply are not open yet for resertavions?

Can anyone help, please?

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1 hour ago, teddy said:

We ran into something similar trying to book the Coco Beach Club.  Turns out there was only one spot left but we were trying to buy two passes.

Maybe something similar.....maybe there are less spots than people you are trying to book?

We called Royal Caribbean to find out.

Thanks for the suggestion. However even trying to book for only one person the issue remains. Here I am hoping it is simply not available yet for being to early on. I did úrchase the 3 nights specialty package, so there is hope that through that they may have a spot available. 

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I would seriously doubt it would be full? If this is the only restaurant you wish to visit, I would contact Royal but being 170 days out, I am sure things will change. 

If you are considering a dining package, you can only book restaurants when you board, and so you can visit a speciality restaurant and book your dining. I have not cruised post COVID yet, so things may be different but I have never come across an issue with times and locations

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Frankly, I find it very odd that only two time slots are available to book. Excursions are usually the items that have only 1-2 time slots, so this may be a mistake. (Especially 170 days out.)

We just booked Wonderland last week (72 days out) and each night has 12-14 times slots. (See below.) My guess is that it is just not available for reservations yet, so keep an eye out for it in the Cruise Planner.




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