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Freedom: Cabins on deck 10...noise from pool deck?

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I'm sailing on Freedom on Oct 31 and my stateroom is on deck 10 right below Splashaway Bay on deck 11. If you have stayed in rooms on deck 10 or  similar ship that's  below the pool deck, how bad is the noise? I'm debating on calling my TA to see if I can switch rooms. Thanks for your help

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We have stayed in a few cabins on deck 10 Freedom Class ships a number of times in OVB, JS and GS all on Deck 10 and our experience is the opposite of @Pattycruise .  We both go to bed and rise early and we have never been disturbed by a lot of noise.  But i think each persons tolerance to noise is different so your experience may not be the same as mine.

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Been on Freedom of the Seas 5 times and on deck 10 four of those times, did not have issues with noise on my cruises but again I agree with others who said each person has a different level of tolerance when it comes to those things.  Benefit is you are close to upper decks where a lot of activities are and the Wind Jammer Buffet is close too, and do not forget about the ice cream stations that will call your name.  I know it will sound crazy but my wife and I are big Freedom of the Seas fans one of our absolute favorite ships in fleet.

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