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Luggage tags have wrong stateroom number on them


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27 minutes ago, HtownHolly said:

We moved to a different stateroom, and the old stateroom numbers are on the luggage tags. I assume the porters will know which room to deliver to, regardless of what's on the tag, or is it better to not print tags now and do it at the pier?

Use the blank ones at the pier. No one touching your luggage will have any clue there's a room change. They're going to go off whatever is on the tags.

I assume you won your RoyalUp?

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When this happened to me I did a DIY tag. The check in of course has a cruise contract you can print, if you look towards the end of it near the last pages there was a "sample" of the luggage tags with the ships name on it. I printed that and used a nice black marker to place my correct stateroom number, placed it in my clear plastic sleeves and luggage arrived at my door. Just make sure the number is BIG enough for the handlers to observe, I wish I took a pic of the finished product, it looked good. Enjoy your cruise!

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Just went through this. Do NOT use another staterooms tag#.  The bags go to the room #, not to the name.

when we did luggage check in with Royal, at the airport in Bahamas, they wrote our cabin # and deck# onto a tag and affixed it.

deck 10 -my cabin was 1292….the girl wrote Deck 12 on 2 if the tags, thankfully I was watching and corrected her.  I don’t know where it would have went.

despite this being a decreased passenger cruise they did manage to mess up luggage delivery (we had a note in our keycard slit asking if we had extra luggage that wasn’t ours to contact guest services ! So I wonder if the guests used the wrong cabin number?

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