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Unlimited Dining Plan Questions on Harmony

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I'm not a sushi person so will leave that question for others.

The UDP is a lot of food.  I boarded the ship thinking all early times for dinner but it's so much food I quickly changed to all late reservation because I wasn't hungry at 6pm being still full from lunch.

Lunch is not always an option with UDP on boarding day, that varies by ship.  

I don't always do the UDP because it is so much food and I don't have a problem with the included options.  Once in a while though I will indulge in the UDP especially if I am sailing with someone who doesn't cruise as often.

Consider these blog posts:



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I found package provides higher value on ships with more specialty options (Oasis class) and itineraries with less port days. 
Low value on sailings with 5 or 6 stops in a week or a ship with 3 or less specialty options. 
If budget allows, the drink package pairs well with dining package as most (all?) specialty restaurants have unique drink menu. 

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Typically there is at least one specialty restaurant open between Jamie's and Chops that you can eat at on embarkation day in Central Park.  Sabor and Johnny Rockets on the boardwalk might be open as well.  I haven't seen Izumi Sushi open for lunch on embarkation day, but you can do take out sushi any time that it is open.  Basically with the UDP you can eat at any specialty restaurant any time they are open with the exception of special events (holiday meals, classes, tastings).  

You can't make reservations with the dining plan until you get onboard and reservations are highly suggested if you care about dining times.  However you can use the app and change them based on availability and even try a walk-up if you are feeling it.  You could make a reservation for appetizer and a late visit for dessert in the same meal period even.

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