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Updated Cruise Planner for Allure September Trip

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I'm just so excited, we booked our 7 night September Eastern Caribbean on the Allure recently, but with the cruise cancellations in early 2021 and without excursions shown at the one port, I was worried of what our future cruising would be (or not be). I logged in today (as I do every day) and see that the shore excursions have arrived! Words cannot explain my excitement! It's getting real!

In addition, I see that there are on board activities added as well as a calendar view. 

Is anyone else seeing more additions for your cruises in 2021?

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I have 1 cruise on October 2021 on Allure & on Mariner in December 2021 which I had changed the ship name from November 2021 on Independence to Allure & then changed the date name to October 2021 on Allure & back in June or July I could view everything on the pre-cruise planner expect for the entertainment for my both of my upcoming Allure & Mariner Cruises along with 2 other cruises that is on Carnival Cruise Line ships which is both scheduled for April 2022 & December 2022

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They seem to add items at no particular time.  For example, I have a cruise booked Dec 2021.  It has drink packages and excursions but no dining yet.  I have that same cruise booked March 2022 and it has drink packages as well, some excursions (not all as one stop isn't even listed yet), but yet it has dining options.  Makes no sense why dining is available on our 2022 cruise but not our 2021 yet.

It is exciting when they pop up as it lets you get more into planning.

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