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car rental near port of mami

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It varies.  There are many rental car companies that pickup at PoM and many of then use the standard looking shuttle busses that are found at airports.

Ending a rental before a cruise is another matter.  Some do, some don't provide shuttles in this direction.  The local HLE locations don't seem to have an issue while MIA airport locations seem to not like bringing passengers to the port.

I know it's hard to call them because many large rental companies send your call to a call center somewhere far away from Miami but ultimately you need to confirm with that company what they offer and be very specific when you talk to them that you need to get TO the port after returning your rental.   

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12 hours ago, OutToSea said:

is there a good place to rent a car so I can drop it off near the Miami terminal or do most people just do it at the Miami airport?

There are a few locations in downtown Miami. I once did a drop off there, and they offered a shuttle to the port.

The advantage the airport has it can handle a deluge of people a heck of a lot better than small local branches.

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23 minutes ago, OutToSea said:

Not so worried about transport to the port just do not want to fight my way back to the airport on my departure date when all the cruisers are heading to the airport.


I'd rather jump on one of the very convenient shuttles than try to find a  rental car in that melee after the cruise.

They may stagger disembarkation more now that they may have to social distance people as well.

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I would recommend  the airport....although any driving in Miami isn't fun.....and even the parking garage being off site from the airport can be confusing..the last time our Uber driver couldn't figure out how to get us to the proper drop off spot.....we now avoid rental vehicles at all when staying in the Miami area.....

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