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Lift & Shift - No Cruise showing in 1 year


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I had a cancellation for My current Oct 11th out of PR, I want to use the Lift and Shift for the same cruise in Oct 2021, but no cruises show for Sept or Oct ( under new bookings, I didnt do anything with my actual Lift&Shift yet). Does that mean there really are no cruises or are they just not showing in the new booking section yet waiting to see if they fill with other Lift and  Shift's - I can only go in Oct 2021, so I cant take the Nov that does show

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27 minutes ago, Fred567 said:

So what are my options here? pretty much nothing? Do I have to call and spend 5 hours on hold to find out?

Nope, shameless plug coming up! Get a hold of one of the MEI Travel agents (they sponsor this blog). They might be able to help you out here (admittedly I'm not sure if they can jump in on an L&S, but it may be worthwhile just to visit and pick their brains!)

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