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  1. Would anyone happen to have recent drink menus? We are sailing on Freedom of the seas 2021 so if they were non Oasis class menus that would be nice, but hey beggars can't be choosers. I have been able to locate the pub and coconut and lime menus in PDF. I can share those if someone would like them. Thanks for the assist.
  2. I know a few people have recently sailed IOS and I was curious what time the self assist debarkation started.
  3. Awesome I hope you have a great time. I was looking for bar menus to get an idea of what things cost now and what may or may not be included in the drink package. However I would be interested in seeing the playmakers food menu if you make it by there.
  4. I have done a little bit of digging. One hotel the Embassy Suite has a shuttle but it was more for my family of 6 to go on their shuttle then rent a car. I am leaning towards staying at GalleryOne Double Tree and just renting a car. Next month we are going with just friends so we are going to uber everywhere. That seems like the cheapest route, but with kids I don't want to haul a car seat around.
  5. Good Afternoon, I was hoping someone could point me in the directions of some updated bar menus for the independence of the seas. Thanks In advance.
  6. We are sailing out of Port Everglades . We are currently in the Hilton marina which from what I’m told doesn’t have a shuttle service.
  7. Yes, that is on my list. It might be the best option too. Alamo has a van with car seats for 122. Seems pretty good.
  8. Hello I wanted to see how everyone travels to the port with kids. I have a 3 yr old and 6 year old and will need to get a ride from the airport to the hilton and from the Hilton to the cruise port. I don’t believe an Uber is an option because they don’t have the car seat option. Any advice?
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