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9 minutes ago, jaredhamburg said:

Hi, all!  I was wondering if someone had a picture of the balcony handle mechanism or new a good way to lock down the balcony door on the Enchantment of the Seas ship?  I am traveling with a boy who will love it, but I worry.  Thanks!

Looks like the standard handle which is not easy to open. Not sure how old the "boy" is:



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Thank you both!  My boy is a hyper ADHD boy.  He just turned five and seems like Bam Bam from the old Flintstones cartoons.  He can lift a sofa up and do all kinds of things.

I was thinking of maybe using a chain with a small lock.  We all love a balcony, but we want to make sure nothing happens.

I am open to any ideas.  Of course, we plan on supervising him; but he sometimes has evening adventures (when he is naturally in stealth mode).




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57 minutes ago, jaredhamburg said:

That is very good information!  I will try emailing RC and see if I can get a straight answer and not a canned bot answer.....

I wouldn't count on a Customer Service Rep knowing an accurate answer to this. Even if they were installed on every balcony door at some point, the one in your cabin may not be functional. Or it may have been removed by maintenance for some repair or may have broken off and never been replaced. 

We start having "the balcony talks" with both our kids a couple months before every sailing. In addition to my 8 yo son, my daughter is 11 and is Autistic with some impulse control issues so I understand your concern. We basically drill into them both over and over that they aren't allowed on the balcony alone, they can't climb up on a balcony railing, they can't pull a chair up next to the balcony railing to get a better look over the edge, no sitting on a railing, etc. until we can literally hear their eye rolls and can can sense them think "not this speech again". Then we make them repeat it back to us a few hundred times.

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