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Anthem of the Seas 3/8/20 – 3/15/20 - Star Class Cruise

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5 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

What a wonderful blog and a great distraction. Thank YOU for taking time to do it.

I kinda laughed when you said that you wished you had done more specialty lunches.  I have been considering doing fewer of them.  I always feel compelled to do specialty for every meal and it’s just absolutely too.much.food.  I applaud you for not feeling pressured into too many big meals.  My guess is that, with the larger group you had, it was difficult to organize big specialty meals and that probably helped.  But when it’s just Dan and me, it’s easy....but not altogether smart.

Did you find that there was always too much food just hanging around your suite ?  We always have soooo much food just left uneaten. Cookies and fruit and fruit and fruit.  On our last SC cruise (Oasis in Dec) we finally asked Joyce to please STOP with the in-room food delivery.  Maybe with your larger group there were people there to eat it but with us, there just isn’t.  I hate being wasteful.

We definitely had way too much leftover food!  I think we had 20 bags of chips.  Plus, when snacks were being delivered, we were rarely ever there so anything hot went to waste.  Next time I will make sure to specify when we want snacks!

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On 3/27/2020 at 5:11 PM, Lovetocruise2002 said:

@jaullram thank you for such a great distraction and taking the time to do this. One question that I have been wondering through this blog. With a large group, did you find it hard to organize dinners/shows/activities together or did Yen make it pretty seamless?

@Lovetocruise2002 Yen made it all seamless.  We did have certain nights we asked her to schedule dinner in advance of the cruise.  On the nights we didn't have plans to just let her know the night before.  I think the only difficult thing was we didn't always know what the plan was.  When we opened the balcony and had room service for most of us that was only a few hours before that we decided and she made it all happen.  She was wonderful!

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On 3/27/2020 at 10:46 AM, jaullram said:

Debarkation Day

Saddest day.  Yen asked us what we wanted delivered to our room for breakfast and what time we wanted to get off the ship.  Promptly at 7:15 our breakfast arrived (bagels, pastries, coffee and juice).  We caught Brian and Lucky out in the hallway after breakfast and gave them their tips for amazing service.  Yen came with a porter at 8AM and whisked us off the ship with our luggage in no time.  She used her special card to get us on an elevator with our porter which was great.  As we said our final goodbye near customs I had tears in my eyes thinking about the best week we had and the amazing things she did for us.

After having some time to think about the cruise, there are some amenities I wish we had taken advantage of.  Hubby and I are not “sit down” for breakfast types but I wish I had done Coastal Kitchen once for breakfast.  The others in our party did Coastal most days and said they really enjoyed it.  The other thing we never did was Jaime’s or Chops for lunch.  I would have loved to try one of the burgers or enjoyed a nice salad and soup.  On sea days we always had a lot scheduled so we grabbed Johnny Rockets one day and Windjammer for the other sea days.  I felt it was hard last minute to change plans since there were 10 of us but I wish at least hubby and I did more specialty dining for lunch.

Would I do Star Class again – of course (if I could afford it of course)!!  We are currently trying to get 2 BR Aqua theater for September but unless the prices drop, we are going to stick with our Owner’s Suite (we are wait listed for Crown Loft which is sold out).  Our next Star Class experience is on a short 4 night cruise in November on Oasis.

We had an amazing cruise, a lot of laughs, enjoyed being spoiled and look forward to our next adventure! Thanks for following along.  With all of the craziness going on across the world with the dreaded “C” word, I enjoyed positing this to distract those who followed along.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who posted great tips and did their own live blogs that I followed along with leading up to our cruise.  All of the questions I had and nervousness about not being able to plan all of my dining ahead of the cruise were alleviated by people explaining that the Genie really does take care of everything – and she did!  Until next time, stay safe everyone and I will be looking forward to cruises sailing again so I can read along on other blogs in the future!

We’ll be hopping on Oasis as you get off of the four nighter. I tried to convince my wife to do the B2B but she decided a 4 night on Independence was a better idea as it involves less missed school. It’ll be our first SC cruise and in a 2BR Aquatheater. 

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