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  1. Just read your blog and i miss tgis so much. Cant agree more Yen was amazing on the Anthem and how great she is!! I cant wait to read your next blog whenever that may be!
  2. All of the things you mention on your recap makes me nervous for my sc I booked for november. Our experience on anthem was good and most of it because our genie was very present and visible with us and most downfalls happened when she wasnt around. She truly made the experience for us. I'm really hoping things change and get better because if we dont have a spotless trip it might be hard to convince hubby
  3. I feel like I'm the one that's going to be fighting off the porters while I wrangle 2 kids when I go because well my husband is too nice though i did threaten him that if he let our bags go to anyone aside a star porter hed end up with a VERY angry wife lol
  4. What was wrong with the tower? Just want to know as we were thinking ordering chops to our room one night
  5. How do you like yen?? I keep reading shes literally and wont anticipate and go.above and beyond. We have her in a few weeka
  6. @WAAAYTOOO did you find that Yen was good at thinking out of the box and being creative? Basically going above and beyond what you ask. I've seen a lot that she is very literal so she does everything you ask for efficiently and shes super sweet but I haven't seen much on her going above an beyond
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