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Anthem out of Southampton 2020

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Hey guys,


We just rebooked our 2020 cruise out of Southampton and saved over £3000 even after losing our £900 deposit. Was for 3 interior rooms  Being from the uk we can’t reprice but even losing the deposit we saved thousands! If you’re already booked reprice quick before they realise 🙂

Good luck guys,



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Just checked as I do everyday and the refreshment package I think was £25.84 per day yesterday is now £16.72 I think we paid £15 2 years ago. The dpp is down to £46.36 I think it was just under £50 yesterday so a bit of a saving. My hubby calls me obsessive for going on cruise planner everyday but think he'll forgive me now 😁

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I only had 1 thing drop in price with the WOW sale and that was the refreshment package for our May 2020 Majesty cruise.  It went from $28 PP/PD to $19 PP/PD.  $19 is the price I have been paying for refreshment packages in 2020 so I went ahead and purchased it.  The DBP was $51 and I think that's as low as it is likely to go.  I am not buying any DBP b/c we don't drink enough alcohol to make it worth the cost (plus, we drink for free in the casino and Suites lounge (realizing the Majesty has no Suites lounge), if we need to) but we do want our water, juices and cappuccinos.  

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