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Au revoir, adieu, bon voyage to Splendor

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I'm surprised that somebody hasn't already brought up the fact that Splendor of the Seas has embarked on her last cruise as a part of the RCI fleet.


While I never cruised on this ship, I'm sure there are some who have.  Maybe some will share their fond memories (hopefully none of the other kind !).

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I think it really comes down to cost, why operate 70,000 ton ships when you can double the size and revenue but not double the cost? Royal wants get the maximum return from every cruise and these older ships just cannot provide that. As we all know they are old and even with complete overhauls you still know they are old. Don't get me wrong, I like traveling on the Legend of the Seas (sister ship) and many times it is nice to have less people and more one on one time with the staff. I believe on my last trip I saw the upper staff at least once a day, it seems to be a more laid back type of cruise. With may staff members greeting me by name.


But you must put up with little things elevators, that are slower, less shops, less choices, and a overall older feel to the ship. Royal wants to be all about bright lines, and state of the art ships design to get every dollar they can. These smaller ships just cannot operate in this larger class. 

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Sailed her back in '06 for 4 nights out of Galveston.  Coz and 2 sea days.  Had a great time!  


Coz was still recovering from hurricane Wilma in '05, so we had to tender due to all the dammage to the piers.  While we were ashore, Enchantment came in and anchored near us.  When it was time to leave we got in the "Splendour" line and boarded a tender.  The pilot started heading for Enchantment.  We were all telling him he was headed to the wrong ship, but he insisted "oh no, this your ship, all look alike".  We got there, showed our cards to the deck hands saying "this is not our ship".  The deckhands looked at the pilot and said "this is not their ship".  THEN the pilot turned to us and said "this not your ship".  We were all calling it the "San Miguel Harbor Tour" shore excursion!

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I`m currently on a 7 night mediterranean cruise on AIDA perla and guess who`s in port with us in Palma de Mallorca? TUI Discovery, formerly known as Splendor of the Seas. Apart from the colours there seems to be not much change on the outside - I recognised her by shape. Here`s a picture for those of you who might miss her. 


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