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6 minutes ago, twangster said:

Welcome to the message boards!

Take a look at this post for typical pricing on board.  All prices in $USD.


Figure $7-$8 plus 18% gratuity. 

Thank you!

Really annoyed that RC don't do "beer only" drinks package anymore!

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19 hours ago, Tommy said:

Sadly their insistance on buying a package for every adult in the cabin amounts to a "fine" in my case! My wife will probably drink two nights of a 14 day cruise!

Also I NEVER drink spirits! 😞😭

They make you purchase it for all the adults in the room when you are onboard as well.  You have to at least purchase the Refreshment Package for your wife.  For the best prices do this before you get onboard.  It does require a phone call to Royal to make the purchase to override the requirement of both having the Deluxe package.

The Deluxe package was $89/day onboard my last cruise.  It was regularly $49-$52/day in the cruise planner.  Totally worth calling and getting your wife the Refreshment Package (which is typically $20-$22/day in the cruise planner).

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