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Day 1 What to expect, please?


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Please @Love2Cruise2002 & @WAAATOOO and anyone else who would like to chime in, we are sailing in 36 days and are told the sailing is pretty much full. Never heard anything from Royal Up yet so we will be in an OS deck 11. Our embarkation lunch we plan to go to the CK on 17, is this super crowded on embarkation day? With the SL open 11-11 can we get a glass of wine with lunch as the amenity? We have the refreshment package as when I did the math even with our max of possibly 4 glasses a day, and even that is a stretch, it would not make sense cost wise to purchase the DBP At what time should we expect to be allowed into our stateroom? I am a 50 something mom and I am excited like a little kid, I just can't wait. Any additional advice for this first time family? :1_grinning:

Thanks so much!!

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So excited for you !!

Forgive me.  I've forgotten which ship you are on.  Whether or not you can get into the CK immediately will depend on whether your ship gives you your seapass card immediately upon checkin or if it is one of the ships where you do not receive your seapass card until later (when you access your suite).  You need a seapass card to get into the CK/SL.  Even if you are on one of the ships that does not give you a seapass card up front you probably can still get into the CK on embarkation day.  There will almost certainly be someone up there to let you in.

As you noted, you will be able to get beer, wine, soda and water in the SL from 11-11 daily so if you are content with going to the SL to get your wine, you will be just fine.  I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to get wine with your lunch since you could simply get your wine first and then walk over to the restaurant and sit down and drink it with your meal.  I would also recommend that if you plan on eating evening meals in the CK, make those reservations on embarkation day OR you can make them before you board when your Concierge contacts you before the cruise.

Staterooms should be ready between 1:00 - 1:30.  If you have a nice, leisurely lunch in the CK then your room will most likely be ready very soon after you finish lunch.

I have never found the CK to be remarkably crowded on embarkation day but the size of the lounge crowd has a lot to do with how many Pinnies will be on your cruise and you generally will not know that until it's too late.  You will just have to go up there and check it out !

36 days is both a short and a long time.  Time will DRAG by when you are looking forward to it so much but it will really go by quickly relative to the amount of time you have already waited !

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Thanks @WAAATOOO See I'm so excited I forgot to mention the name of the ship, Harmony of the Seas! Thanks for the great advice. Since this week includes Thanksgiving Day as well as the ship being close to capacity (I was told) I am planning on making my CK reservations when I am contacted the week before. We perused all of the menu offerings and prefer the smaller venue of CK so we will be #TeamCK all week! We will be sure to note the lobster tail versus the champagne sauce also, so thankful for the heads up on that!

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On 10/17/2019 at 4:14 PM, Neesa said:

We will be sure to note the lobster tail versus the champagne sauce also, so thankful for the heads up on that!

Better yet, just tell them you want the whole Maine lobster !  It's waaaay better than the warm water lobster tail, anyway.  Since you will be SC you will not be charged anything for the whole lobster.

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