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Allure Star Class Take Two

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1 hour ago, emsff02 said:

Ronn Lucas was just on our Navigator Cruise in September. He was pretty funny then.

Thanks for letting us know.  I think we are going to play it by ear and decide if we want to see him once we are onboard.  Last time, Jay had us so busy that we had to tell him to tone it down, so we could have time to relax.  

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We are here and checked in.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Airport West, and this is definitely a one and done hotel for us.  We always book suites that have atleast one or two bedrooms separated from the living room.  With four kids, having a separate bedroom after being in a car all day is definitely preferred.  When we booked this hotel, we were told it was a suite with two queen beds in a bedroom and a separate living area with a pullout sofa and there was a door separating the rooms.  Much to our dismay, that was not the case and there is no separation.  At this point, we are tired and just going to let it slide.  To further add to the issues with this hotel, they are doing parking lot repair, so everyone is having to park in the the WaWa parking lot.  If we would have known this, we would have booked elsewhere, because it is a pain having to lug two pack n' plays, 4 kids, and about a million bags from a different parking lot.  Then, the cherry on the cake was when we got to the room, our seven year old asked me what was on the dresser, and what she brought me was marijuana rolling paper.  Everything else, we let slide but that was the final straw.  I called and asked for the manager, but they won't be in until tomorrow.  By the time they are available,  I will be onboard and probably enjoying myself too much to worry with Holiday Inn.  Think I will just take it as a lesson learned and book elsewhere next time.  Maybe, it's a decent hotel and we are just the outlier, but I'll attach a picture of the room in case anyone is curious.  Rant officially over.  Now that that is off my chest and the kids are all asleep, I'm going to call it a night.  One more sleep!


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54 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Where that Genie when you need one??! 🤣

Happy Sailing today! 

Haha!  I made a very similar comment to Steven last night.  Maybe Star Class has just spoiled me at this point.  Thanks!

26 minutes ago, ellcee said:

Happy Sailing!

Thank you!

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We have had a very good first day, but it has been super busy so we haven't had time to blog until now.  Alan has been amazing.  Embarkation was smooth, and we were on the ship before 11am.  We had plans to have Chops for lunch, but the cruise before ours had a norovirus outbreak and Chops was closed for lunch as they were doing extra sanitation there at lunch time.  We went to Giovanni's Table instead, and we enjoyed it very much; but I still prefer Chops for embarkation day lunch.  After leaving Giovanni's, we picked up Sabor guacamole and chips to take back to the room and then went to Cups and Scoops for ice cream and cupcakes.  After we registered the kids for Adventure Ocean, Alan met back up with us in our cabin, and again, wow, we are really impressed by him.  He has been extremely accommodating and very personable.  Although we know he is busy, he does not show it.  He takes the time to make you feel like you are his only guest.  He is also great with the kids and takes the time to interact with them as well.  For dinner, we went to Izumi, and it was wonderful like always.  We were wanting to see Mama Mia but did not want to be away from the babies for that long, so we were going to put them in the nursery long enough to see the first half.  We enjoyed it so much, that we decided to see the second half tomorrow.  The performers are fantastic, and we enjoyed Mama Mia much more than Blue Planet.  After the first half of Mama Mia, we picked up the babies.  We tried to pick up the older two as well, but they were having too much fun and wanted to stay longer.  We met Alan at Oceanaria, but ended up leaving early because it was very chilly.  We, then, proceeded to do what we do best and made pitstops at Johnny Rockets, Sabor, Cups and Scoops, and Vintages to get an assortment of snacks from each.  I really don't know how we were still eating at this point, but as @SweetPea said in her blog, looks like we are going to have to do a Star Class detox when we get home.  We are finally leaving port and will be in CocoCay tomorrow. 










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Day 2: Perfect Day at CocoCay

Allure was finally able to dock in CocoCay, and we celebrated by having a lazy day.  We had breakfast delivered at 9am, and we were still asleep.  I thought I was dreaming of a doorbell ringing, but nope they hit it about 10 times within 5 seconds.  Unfortunately,  it was too windy for breakfast on the balcony, so we ate inside and finally finish Rocketman (started it last time we were on Allure).  Alan escorted us off the ship at 11:15am bypassing all the lines to the gangway.  We went shopping, had lunch at Skipper's Grill, and took the kids to Splashaway Bay and Captain Jill's Galleon.  The food was not as good as the last time we were on CocoCay (before Perfect Day), or maybe we've just been spoiled by Star Class.  After a few bites, we decided to just wait and have lunch on the ship.  When we got back on the ship, we had Starbucks (totally abusing that privilege with Starbuck's holiday drinks) and then ordered room service without knowing that Alan coordinated almost the same meal delivery plus chocolate covered strawberries and shrimp.  Needless to say, my clothes aren't exactly fitting anymore and this is only Day 2.  I tried to order a virgin mango colada at Mama Mia yesterday, but they told me they only had strawberry.  Alan must have been listening,  because he had two delivered to our room today.  After pigging out, I took about a two hour nap and woke up to news of the Caribbean itineraries opening up for Fall 2021.  Alan had Next Cruise in our suite within a few minutes of release, and we scored 8730 for November 2021 on Oasis.  Have I mentioned how amazing "Genie Alan" is?!?!  As we were leaving CocoCay, he was playing games with the kids on the balcony.  About that time, our 9 year old Christian, showed Alan his Pichu stuffed animal.  That stuffed animal is his best buddy,  and boy has it seen better days.  It's head is half way torn off with stuffing coming out, but he loves that thing.  When Alan saw it, he took Pichu with him and 15 minutes later brought it back stitched back together.  #bestgenieever.  It was formal night tonight, but we were feeling lazy and opted for 150 Central Park delivery.  The two older kids just wanted to go to Adventure Ocean, so we grabbed them a quick bite at the Windjammer.  We dropped them off and then had 150 on the balcony.  Alan also surprised us with 6 "the world" desserts after I had briefly mentioned yesterday that that was the only part of Chef's Table that I wanted to try.  Then, off to the second half of Mama Mia.  We preferred the first half, but still enjoyed the second half and are glad we attended.  Now, we are off to bed and ready for tomorrow's adventure.









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Yikes !  Sounds like the Star Class food coma is coming early to 10730 !

I love Alan from afar.  What great service !  So happy to hear it.

Interested to hear how Alan handled reserved seats at Mama Mia for the second half of the show.  Did he have to “stand guard” over your “Reserved” seat covers to ensure no one removed them ?  Must have been tricky.

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