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Odyssey of the seas update

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Anthem tendered at CocoCay in the past.  They use a ticket system  Not ideal by any stretch. 

New cruisers don't know what tendering is.  Experienced cruisers know how to work the system.  However going back to the ship from land everyone gets to experience misery waiting in long lines in the hot sun, or rain, or wind.

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1 hour ago, mworkman said:

Don't know how true this is, but i like the fact it shows Alaska as a destination and hope it stays that way.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 2.27.29 PM.png

I think the ad merely has default copy for generic RC cruises, and not necessarily Odyssey.

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1 hour ago, Jaymac Radio said:

She Will Also Be Stopping In Philipsburg St Maarten In 2020. That Means She Will Be Doing Six And Eight Night Caribbean Runs Next Winter.

With a February 12 date, that could also mean she's doing the 11-night Southern Caribbean sailings out of NJ that Anthem does over the winter. St. Maarten is a port stop on that run. Interestingly, I only see Anthem doing those winter sailings from December of this year through January of 2020, and then not again until December/January of 2021; in the past I've seen those 12- and 11-night offerings all the way through until March, when spring break time starts up. Makes me wonder if Odyssey will be brought over for that winter season to fill the gap.

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