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Anthem of the seas 2020

jenna lee

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I am leaving on Anthem of the Seas January 5-16 2020.  It  is going to San Juan, St. Maarten, St. Johns, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. 

I was looking for any recommendations for all these places, I am going with my boyfriend and we like to be active! ( tours are not really our thing) Any beaches, water sports etc.  

I have been looking up things about Anthem but any suggestions about dining or activities! 

Thank you, so glad to be a new member to this page! 

- Jenna 

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St. Maarten / Saint Martin (you can access both): Maho Beach is supposedly fun, never been personally, on my list. We went to a different beach, one of the "nude" ones (where no one was nude) and it was - eh, a beach. Beautiful, but again just a beach.

Adventure on Anthem: Ripcord by iFly, I loved that. (Upset it's all booked for my upcoming Anthem, hopefully my suite concierge can hook me up.) We also enjoyed the North Star. Personally never done but the FlowRider (surf simulator) looks like fun.

It's an awesome ship, you'll find lots of adventure onboard.

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@jenna lee, if you and your boyfriend would like to try something unique, and are a bit active (and a water sport), I highly recommend the America's Cup Racing Experience.  They have a bunch of real (retired) America's Cup racing yachts that they do a mock race, with guests like yourself helping crew the actual boats.  Real fun (and can be a bit of a workout depend on which station you are assigned).  I have done it twice now, including a few weeks ago, and had a great time (and the boat I helped crew won our race).

I booked through Royal on the cruise planner, but I believe you can also book directly with them

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