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FlowBro Ty

Anyone On Harmony Sep. 15 2019

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I Hope This Answers All You Guys Questions

11 hours ago, ellcee said:

@Skid I’ve kinda assumed they were the same person, just different screen handles

 Hey Hey!!! I Am  @FlowBro Ty.

11 hours ago, Skid said:

Maybe @Matt should ban "both" of them for treason! 😁

Please Don't Do That!! I Had To Make A New Account Due To I Had A Very Old Computer  And One Day It Died And It Took Everything Along With It😞 So I Had To Make A New Account So I Could Post. Because Me Being A Dumb Teen That Did Not Remembered Hid Passcode To His Account.

11 hours ago, Skid said:

Very curious...do you happen to know why @FlowBro Ty is doing the blog there instead of here? 

I Want To Be Like @twangster And Try Blogging On Both Sites.


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