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  1. I need some advise as I am well and truly torn. I know what the answer SHOULD be but I hope you cruise folk understand my dilemma. So I have finally gotten around my other half to book a cruise in September. My original plan was alway to try Symphony, as ever since she came out I have been dying to try all the new additions. However the price point at the moment just seems to high. I have started looking at harmony to compare, and realised I can get a 7 night cruise plus 7 nights in Orlando for about 400€ cheaper then a 7 nighter on Symphony and 3 nights in Miami. The sensible side of me tells me to stop being ridiculous, but the crazy cruise lady in me is screaming ill regret it. What does one do in such situations??? 😮
  2. Wondering has anyone been on a Med cruise where they had the Quest Gameshow? I have only ever done it on Caribbean itinerary's but will be super disappointed if they don't have it on my up coming cruise in July on Oasis! Thanks in advance 🙂 Suzi.
  3. Hey Hayley!! You will love Allure, I was on her last year, Oasis the year before before and Harmony the year before that so all I know is the big ships!! Did Allure on Eastern Caribbean last year, St Maarten, Labadee and Puerto Rico, it was out of this world! You will find it hard to go back to the med I can tell ya! The ships themselves, they are amazing, never feel crowded and so much to do. Navigator is my next stop after Symphony.... one day!! To live in the US and be able to drive to ports would make my life so much easier!! 😂
  4. Thanks Love Cruising, next cruise is on Oasis in the Mediterranean in July. Attempting ton convince the other half to do Symphony in November.... dying to try it!!
  5. Hi All 🙂 My name is Suzi and Im from Dublin, Ireland. Been following this blog for quite a while but this is my first time posting! Next cruise is in 77 days..... double digits but still too far away!! Love Royal and can never shut up talking about it......if only I could get my friends on board with cruising....working on it!!! Thanks Matt for this blog its amazing and gets me through the long wait between cruises! Suzi
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