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Found 22 results

  1. My awesome wife and I just booked a 4 day on the Enchantment of the Sea in February 2020, out of Galveston, TX, for our 20th Anniversary! Being a special occasion, I pushed my, normally frugal penny pinching wife, to splurge for a suite and upgraded amenities to spoil us for the four days. So we booked a Grand Suite for the cruise. We are so excited!!! This will be our second cruise. First time with Royal Caribbean. First time was with Carnival and it was fun, but a bit wild with drunken brawls on the lido deck. The motivation for booking the Grand Suite was not just the nicer room and b
  2. I just realized this, but did anyone else notice that there is only one FlowRider on the upcoming Wonder of the Seas? If so, what are your guys' thoughts about this? What do you think the area seems to be in the previews? A seating area for the Wipeout Bar, a new restaurant perhaps? Also, all of the aft-facing loft suites are gone... including the massive 1,500 square-foot Royal Loft Suite. I Wonder where that is now, maybe they took out some crown lofts? Maybe they aren't even in the crown anymore? I also noticed that the crown has 2 levels now... Finally, where did mini golf and the sports c
  3. Good evening kind experienced cruisers! We're looking at Owners suite versus Grand suite on Independence oTS, not much of a price difference so I'm wondering: aside from cabin space what are the differences, if any? I appreciate any feedback and opinions. Its just 2 of us sailing, we have the GS booked but noticed not much additional cost for OS so it piqued my interest. First time in suite above JS, or 'real' suite. TIA
  4. We just got back from our cruise on Anthem this past Saturday and I wanted to give those interested e a little information on the Chill Island Cabanas because I couldn't find out much online before we left. - The cabanas are amazing but there are definitely some that are better than others. We specifically chose #14 which is at the end so we had less people around us....unfortunately, it had more birds! The rock wall on the right of the picture is where the seagulls hang out. - Next time, we would book book Cabana #9, #10 or #11. - Cabanas 8 through 14 are in the front row an
  5. Does the hot tub on the deck of Independence 2 bedroom suit cabin 6716 work?
  6. Believe it or not, next week on Anthem will be the first time we have ever sailed in Sky Class. Since they started the program, we have only traveled Star Class on an Oasis or Quantum ship. There are some interesting - and confusing - things in this letter. 1. We got our welcome letter from the Concierge this morning, so that makes it 8 days prior to sailing. I was very surprised. This is the earliest I have gotten a Concierge letter in a very long time. 2. The letter is signed from Alex Kupryk (never heard of him) so I'm guessing he is the Suites Concierge on Anthem 3. The
  7. Hello Everyone, just received this email. :) I thought that I would share this email as it outlines suite benefits for the Explorer of the Seas with the hopes that it may benefit someone else that has questions related to this ship. I am counting the minutes, Kiki :).
  8. We are a family of 5 (me, my wife, 2 sons (9,6) and daughter (3). We have been on multiple cruises to include Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival at different points in our life. For our makeup as we are now this was an amazing cruise. While the food and decor was not quite up to the Disney standard (it was not far off, and definitely much more return on investment for the price). Embarkation:We arrived the night before and stayed near Houston Hobby airport at the Springhill Suites (we had Marriott points so it was free). The hotel itself was fine, but the area around left to be d
  9. : Royal Caribbean International “Whenever you are with me, life plays a beautiful symphony!” --- Avijeet Das For Hubby and I, there is no better way to spend quality couple time together than to go on a cruise. We started off that way on our honeymoon back in 2002 and we have tried to get away around this time every year to celebrate our anniversary. Symphony was on our radar almost two years ago. Being huge OA class fans and having sailed every Oasis class ship so far, sailing this one was a given. I booked this cruise knowing that this summer would be our first chance to s
  10. As previously stated 1st RCC sailing ever, coming over from DCL & have had previous experience in concierge as well as non concierge on the Fantasy, Dream, & Magic.(10 cruises) May I ask fellow cruisers your preference, an Owners suite or a Crown Loft? There are three of us 2 adults & our 13 year old daughter. Additionally, what are your thoughts on the RC credit card, are the perks worth opening a new line of credit? Our Disney Chase allows us to pay for our DCL cruise fare over the 1st 6 months with zero interest, does RC Visa offer something such as this? My research does not s
  11. I have been planning a cruise with my friend and her sister since January. We are sailing on symphony of the seas October 12 2019. We were originally booked in the star loft suite 1722. An Aqua Theatre 2 bedroom opened up and we discussed how it might be beneficial for us to have the separate bedrooms for privacy and the sister would be more comfortable in a bed. I personally also love the wake view and we were interested in seeing the shows from our balcony. Now I’m reading some reviews about noise, the 17th floor having more of a “wow” feeling and that the aqua theatres are sub par to the St
  12. Howdy Y’all. I joined this board less than a month ago and in 10 days I will be on Liberty of The Seas. I’ve been reading all the live-blogs and I decided today that I am going to live blog my cruise---or at least try. So a little background on this cruise, it started out in late as a Father Son (me) cruise. At the time we were trying to decide between another western Caribbean (this would be my 4th of those) or to Cuba. After much deliberation we decided that we cared more about the ship than the destinations, so we booked the Western Caribbean (and boy did we get lucky with that decisio
  13. What perks come with booking a Junior Suite? I know some suite perks aren't included with the Junior Suites. Do I have to pay the suite gratuity rate even though I don't get all the suite perks? This is my first post on RCB, though my wife and I have been watching on youtube for about a year.
  14. Hi all! We have booked a GS on Liberty of the Seas in August. I started researching and it’s all starting to get jumbled. 1. As suite members, do we have a speciality dining option for embarkation lunch or should we look at the Key? 2. I swear I have found that we can eat breakfast and lunch at speciality dining but now I’m having trouble finding it again. If we do, what restaurant and is it the same menu as the main dining (just a different location?). We are ultimately deciding if we should pay for the speciality dining package or if the suite perks get us enough.
  15. Another question for this amazing helpful group! Does anyone know how Royal prices the free Casino Royale prime interior cabins to suites? We are doing one in March and we paid $1800 for Grand Suite upgrade that would have cost $5000. The difference in price seemed to be around 60% off and did not equal the interior price discounted off Grand Suite price. Therefore, I am hoping that a Star class Suite at $9550 would offer the same percentage discount. Has anyone had experience upgrading an interior free prime cruise to a Star class suite? If so, what was the percentage discount or upgrade
  16. I understand that a few days prior to embarkation, a suite concierge will email to introduce themself and ask if there are any requests that they can take care of. So, can they make all the dining rezis on the ultimate dining package PRIOR to our embarkation?
  17. I am hoping someone can help me. I tried to Google the answer but came up with no specific answer to my question. For our 20th wedding anniversary we want to book a Royal Suite on one of the ships (I know not all ships have one). Specifically, we want one with the outdoor hot tub. Are there only certain class ships that have the hot tub? I didn't think Oasis class ships had a Royal Suite and I didn't see one with a hot tub outside on Grandeur or Mariner...does anyone know which ships do? I would like to limit my search to those specific ships. We are also looking at other suites
  18. After listening to this week's podcast, I have this question: We will be staying in an Owner's Suite for our July 2019 Radiance Southbound. I thought that VOOM was a perk for suite guests on Radiance, but now I am not sure. There will be three of us with four total devices. I'll have my chromebook along, but I plan to swap out that out with my phone VOOM connection. I can't seem to find where specifically this is mentioned. I know I've seen it. . .
  19. We are currently booked on Allure of the Seas in an Aquatheater Suite in 11730. How is the room - is it as amazing as it looks? We have never been on Oasis class and so excited! Would also love recommendations on breakfast and lunch options besides Windjammer.
  20. Head's up for anyone who may be looking to book a 2 BR ATS but cannot meet the normal 5 person minimum required to book that category. With today's new pricing (which is nothing new, of course) I believe that Royal has failed to implement its minimum occupancy protection on one of the 2 BT ATS on Harmony. They have become very strict on requiring a minimum number of guests in the 2 BR ATS (I believe 5 persons is the minimum for those rooms) but I stumbled upon one this morning that is in "general inventory" meaning that it can be booked without the minimum number of people. The
  21. Just got off the phone with Royal. Some things to take note of: I booked a JS ($100) deposit using NextCruise. Chose IOBC. -- Deposit is non-refundable (I knew this) I called last week and upgraded to a GS or higher 2 weeks later -- Additional Deposit not required, deposit still non-refundable (I knew this) I called today to add a 5th person to my suite. Due to their system, they have to create another reservation and link them together even though it's the same room. Additional $100 non-refundable deposit is now required: I did not know this, however I understand a deposit b
  22. Hi fellow cruisers! Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on waiting lists for Suites.....do you find that there are many/any cancellations in the lead up to a cruise, say within the last 3 or 4 months?? I would love an Owners Suite and am on a waiting list but I'm wondering whether I will actually get one.....any tips you can share would be greatly appreciated!
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