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  1. Sailing on Symphony of the seas June 18th. Does anyone know the bourbon situation? I know they have buffalo trace, my personal favorite. I'm hoping they have other offerings from the Buffalo Trace family. I found Blanton's on my 2018 honeymoon cruise. There is nothing better than drinking Blanton's neat out of a plastic cup on the pool deck. FOR FREE!!!!! If anyone knows shops in St. Thomas or St. Martin let me know. I will update my findings once I'm back. Cheers.
  2. We are going on our first RCCL cruise in May and I have had trouble finding the answer to a question. At beaches like Chill Island, are there servers that come around to the beach chairs to get drink orders? We experienced this on. DCL cruise and while getting up and walking a short distance isn’t the end of the world, adding that extra level of laziness was very appealing. We’re trying to decide if the Beach Club is worth it and if that’s the only place they deliver drinks, it may well push us over the edge with our decision. Thanks all! jason
  3. Last week on Symphony both the café Promenade and Sorrento’s had only water to drink. I understand that Royal wants to increase their sales by selling more drinks or more drink packages. This should not be forced. The guests should have the option to decide if they want the included complimentary option or buy another drink. This should not be forced. Complimentary drinks are not really complimentary. They are included as part of the fare, therefore the customer is paying for them. They should be available 24/7 wherever there’s food and at multiple other locations.
  4. I have never done a cruise before, and I am looking to go on a South Pacific Cruise. We are not really alcohol drinkers, and do not plan on a drinks package based on what we have learned so far. we are a young family of 4. Mum - drinks coffee (2 to 3 aday) and water. Maybe 2-3 wines a week in a big week. Dad - drinks milk and milkshakes only - between 2 to 3 litres a day. Never alcohol. Child 1 - drinks water only. Child 2 - drinks water and milkshakes only. My question is, with a meal, will we be able to get milkshakes somewhere? Will they cost money, or are they included? How does it all work please?
  5. A few questions about the refreshment package. I've never been on a cruise and will be going to one in a few months. I usually drink like a camel at night before bed so I would probably breakeven just with water alone, but am I allowed to get 10-12 bottles of water a day? I also drink about 4-5 cups of coffee a day. I'm not sure what this refreshment package offers, is it unlimited non-alcoholic drinks? or is there actually a limit to how man drinks I can get in a day.
  6. Hey there, Wife, son and I are going on a cruise. My mother and mother in law are joining us but are gonna share their own stateroom. We wouldn't drink enough to benefit from drinks package but would take 1 or 2 bevys a day with dinner maybe 1 or 2 by the pool. How do people split the bill? I wouldn't like to be going to the bar with 3 stateroom cards... My wife and i Mother Mother in law's And charging individually to each account. Can you set up a purse account or something like that for this type of thing? Whilst also allowing each of us to make our own individual purchases? Many thanks
  7. Hey everyone! I'm going on my first cruise in February and cannot wait! I am part of a large (wedding) group and will be rooming with a friend of mine. Both he and I have purchased the deluxe drink package. I have small concerns over the possibility of him getting his revoked due to violating their no sharing policy. He is a bit of a wildcard when he drinks, and although he never does anything too over-the-top, buying tons of rounds for new friends at the pool (or wherever) may be up his alley. I am afraid that he may break the no sharing policy that RC states will result in revocation of a drink pass. My question is if his drink pass gets revoked, will mine also be at risk of revocation? I am a very responsible drinker, and I don't want to be penalized for his actions. I know that RC generally requires both or none of each stateroom's inhabitants have deluxe drink passes. Thanks for reading!
  8. Sailing on Harmony OTS for the Sept. 22nd sailing in 31 days. Wanted to see about doing a 'Bar Crawl' with my group and anyone else that we happen to meet up with on the ship. But, like the old saying goes....'you cant say you've been drinking all day, unless you start in the morning'. So, with that.... where is the earliest place to get a drink on the ship? It appears that most of the 'bars' open around 1030 AM. But... if you're an early riser... can you get a bloody Mary, mimosa, or an 'Irish breakfast' from somewhere before that? Any thoughts on this or advice about getting a bar crawl organized is greatly appreciated. ~Cheers
  9. I have two cruises the summer of 2020 (one on Harmony and one on Oasis) and just noticed a pretty significant price increase on the Deluxe Beverage Package. A couple weeks ago it had 20% off with the price of $56 and now it is 20% off with a price of $65 ?. Price increases are always expected but wow! Are other people seeing an increase in their package prices? #StillLoyalToRoyal #StillGoingToPurchaseLOL
  10. A few days ago RC was running a BOGO 50% off deal on the deluxe drinks package for my cruise. The original price was $54/person/day and the BOGO price was $51/person/day. Well, I forgot to purchase it and the deal is no longer available. Currently they are running a "20% off on board price" deal for $56/person/day, so I'm not particularly happy with that. I'd like to call RC customer service to see if there is any way for me to get the BOGO price, but not sure how to approach the situation. I don't want to sound like an angry jerk, but I am upset. Not to mention they've already changed the cruise itinerary and we won't be stopping in a port I was looking forward to (completely understand they have every right to change the itinerary, but still...). I'm 194 days out from my cruise, so I imagine there is a possibility for other deals to run during that time, but I also don't want the prices to increase from hear on out. Anyways - has anyone ever done this before? Would love some advice.
  11. Hi there - I'm going on my first ever cruise in Feb. 2020 on the Brilliance of the Seas ? I want to get the Deluxe drinks package because I think it will ultimately save me money on my trip, but I have a question. The info for the drinks package lists the types of alcohol/brands that are covered by the package, but I've noticed there are some specialty cocktails on the bar menus that are made with alcohols/brands of alcohol that are not on that list. This may seem like a silly question and I have a feeling that I already know the answer, but are some of the drinks on the bar menus not covered by the deluxe pacakge? I just don't want any surprises at the end of my trip and want to know if I should ask the bartenders what is covered by the package before I order. Thanks ?
  12. Hi, I am not asking about cost. I know a beer is between $6.50 and $7.50 plus gratuity. Is it a pint from a tap? Schooner? 330ml bottle? 500ml can? Uk pint? US pint? This is important to know when working out if a package is viable! Thanks in advance
  13. Question about happy hour at wonderland. Can we take the drinks to go and the 2 for 1 deal? Or does it have to be consumed in the restaurant itself?
  14. Hi guys! My friends and I are going on our first cruise and there’s still a few questions we were hoping you could help with: 1) Will we save money by buying the DBP? We plan on drinking a decent amount of cocktails and having a few coffees and juices as well throughout the day, and we think we might actually break even. But is it likely we will save ourselves money? 2) How does the gratuity work? We’re from NZ and tipping isn’t the usual. If we only buy the Beverages package and we order an alcoholic drink will the tip be included in the price or added on top? Have you found that with the tips can be a “hidden cost” on the cruise? 3)Do you have any extra advice for us? Thank you guys!
  15. I was on the “Harmony of the seas” last month.(April 21). And while I was there I got a drink from the Bionic Bar called, “The Lion.” Its a bright red alcoholic drink made with cranberry. And I can’t seem to find the recipe for it anywhere! Anyone have it for me?
  16. Cruising on Serenity of the Seas in April but haven't been on a cruise in years. I was wondering if a drink package is now a necessity or if there is still water,juice and coffee available for breakfast and water with dinner in the dining room?
  17. Does the spa on Grandeur have smoothies? I heard Allure had this when I sailed in April and we could have used the Refreshment package to get them. But I didn't think of that during that trip. So I'm wondering if this just exists on larger ships.
  18. Hi all - Does anyone know if freestyle drink machines have been added to Independence of the Seas? I think it is on the way back from Europe now after some upgrades?
  19. Very interesting conversation going on within the Grandeur of the Seas fan page .... Apparently some folks are being charged Sales Tax on drinks purchased while in the Chesapeake Bay (in Maryland and Virginia). And yet, I've never paid sales tax on either one of my past cruises on Grandeur. The only common denominator that I've been able to figure out is that those that pre-purchase a drink package won't be charged the tax since the act of purchasing is occurring in a different state, however, those that purchase their drinks a la carte style will be charged sales tax while in the Chesapeake Bay. Can anyone provide any insight into this? Is it true/false? Have you seen this? My wife and I always get the combo package (drink and voom) so apparently this doesn't apply to us (I guess this makes one more reason why a drink package makes sense). Mark
  20. On my previous Cruise on Navigator, I never spotted mimosas being offered at breakfast anywhere. Was I simply not looking hard enough?! Is this something that is generally available and if so how do I go about ordering one (or some!) On my upcoming cruise on Independence and will they be covered by the drinks package? ??
  21. So glad to have found this forum as I was only ever on 1 cruise before, and that was The Disney Cruise over 13 years ago! We are going on the Symphony in May (Western Med) and I have several questions: 1) I thought internet was free in the room, but then I saw that there were packages to buy? 2) I thought that the only free drinks were water, lemonade, juice, coffee/tea, but in the picture they show cans of Coke and Sprite? We don't drink and the package seemed expensive for soda, so now I'm now sure what they provide? 3) We don't want to leave the ship every day (we only have 1 official day at sea); is this ok? Is everything available on the ship like restaurants, etc? Thanks in advance!!
  22. Hi y'all! My husband and I will be traveling to Nassau on an RCL cruise in March (my first cruise ever - so excited!) We have been to Nassau before for our honeymoon but never got a chance to visit the infamous Señor Frogs. I was just wondering how expensive the drinks are there? I can not find a menu listing food and drink prices except for on dated in 2012 so I'm not sure how accurate that is. Thanks!!! RCL - 3/12/18 - 4 night from Miami to Nassau, CoCoCay and Key West
  23. Just found this website and joined to get some advice on our upcoming trans-pacific cruise in April 2018, departing from Sydney and ending in Seattle. We are cruising on "Explorer of the Seas" and the cruise duration is 23 days!. We don't intend dining in any of the "user pays" restaurants. Will only be dining in the buffet restaurant. We are teetotalers, so aren't interested in any alcoholic drinks packages. TIPPING From the Royal Caribbean website: Stateroom attendant USD 5.00 a day per guest Dining Room Waiter USD 3.75 a day per guest Assistant Waiter USD 2.15 a day per guest Head Waiter USD 0.75 a day per guest Would our tips be USD 11..65 x 2 = USD 23.30 per day? We should therefore budget around USD 535.90 for tips. Are we expected to leave an additional tip each day for our cabin steward over and above that advised above? BEVERAGE PACKAGE (Classic Soda Package) From the Cruise Planner for our cruise: Classic Soda Package USD 9.95 a day per guest At USD 20.00 per day this would be USD 460.00 for the duration of the cruise. Is tipping then an additional 18% (USD 82.80) on top of that total? Could anyone advise what the individual cost per soda would be? We would consume between 3 and 4 sodas a day. Does Royal Caribbean offer any discount soda packages? Does Royal Caribbean allow passengers to BYO their own soda drinks? If so, what would be allowed to be brought on board which would only be consumed in our cabin. Is there any restriction on whether soda brought on board is in plastic bottles or in aluminium cans? LAUNDRY FACILITIES As we will be on board for 23 days, are there laundry facilities on the ship whereby you can do your own washing and drying? What would be the approximate cost per load be to wash and to dry. We anticipate taking between 4 and 5 days of clothing, each which suggests we would need to wash and dry at least 5 times during the cruise.. ANY THING ELSE TO CONSIDER Is there any other "surprises" to be aware off with regard to possible hidden costs? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we might be able to minimize our on board expenses?
  24. I bought a Deluxe Drink Package for our Oasis Cruise and wondered if I could bring a large travel mug to fill at the bars, so I.... a) don't have to keep going up to the bar and wait in line.... b) keep the drink cold over time. Will the bartenders fill a big travel mug for me? Cheers!, D
  25. Hi all! My husband and I are thinking of going on our very first cruise in December on the 4 night Bahamas cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. I was hoping to get some input from previous cruisers on a couple questions/concerns: - What all is included in the cost of the trip? (I have read different things saying that no drinks are included or that a few drinks are included like water and tea. Just wanted to get an official answer!) - Is the Enchantment ship a stable ship? I know that you can't account for rough seas from a storm, etc. but my husband does tend to get motion sick but I have been hearing that stabilizers are being used a lot more often on cruise ships to help cut down the rocking. Hoping Enchantment uses this as well! Thank you in advance everyone! :)
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