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  1. Where do you get this 'cruise planner' that you're referring to here? Thanks from a newbie :)
  2. I have a few more questions (this probably won't stop for awhile!)...Our ship leaves Barcelona at 6:00pm; what is the earliest we can board? It then docks at 5:0am on the final day; what is the latest we can disembark?
  3. Thanks so much! Is there anywhere on the ship where there is free wi-fi? I thought the drinks package was expensive, but if it includes the likes of Starbucks, maybe it's not too bad...
  4. So glad to have found this forum as I was only ever on 1 cruise before, and that was The Disney Cruise over 13 years ago! We are going on the Symphony in May (Western Med) and I have several questions: 1) I thought internet was free in the room, but then I saw that there were packages to buy? 2) I thought that the only free drinks were water, lemonade, juice, coffee/tea, but in the picture they show cans of Coke and Sprite? We don't drink and the package seemed expensive for soda, so now I'm now sure what they provide? 3) We don't want to leave the ship every day (we only have 1 official day at sea); is this ok? Is everything available on the ship like restaurants, etc? Thanks in advance!!
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