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  1. What’s the currency on board the ships that sail from Sydney? Like will the price lists be in AUD or USD? cheers
  2. Rtread my thoughts exactly! If you ring them they’ll let you buy a dbp then just buy the refreshments packages for everyone else in your cabin if the others don’t want to pay for the dbp
  3. We stop in at Vila and Mystery Island I’m so excited!
  4. Thanks! It’s an Australian cruise that visits Vanuatu and New Caledonia, but we will just have to make up for it on cruising days. If we do buy the DBP is it acceptable for me to still tip my bartender in cash? What currency would the prefer if so?
  5. Thanks guys for all the help! we originally thought $92nzd a day might be tough to achieve but if the drinks are roughly $13 each that’s definitely doable
  6. Is there any usual time to keep a close eye out for these sales? Or just anytime from six months before the sail date?
  7. Hi guys! My friends and I are going on our first cruise and there’s still a few questions we were hoping you could help with: 1) Will we save money by buying the DBP? We plan on drinking a decent amount of cocktails and having a few coffees and juices as well throughout the day, and we think we might actually break even. But is it likely we will save ourselves money? 2) How does the gratuity work? We’re from NZ and tipping isn’t the usual. If we only buy the Beverages package and we order an alcoholic drink will the tip be included in the price or added on top? Have you found that with the tips can be a “hidden cost” on the cruise? 3)Do you have any extra advice for us? Thank you guys!
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