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    Bob_KY reacted to cookie10* in Oasis...crown loft vs owner’s suite   
    We have been in both on the Oasis. We would do the loft again over the OS. The convenience of being next to the CL and CK makes everything just so easy. You are so close you wouldn't have to worry about allowing the kids to get their own drinks, snacks, etc.. do their own thing. 
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    Bob_KY reacted to USCG Teacher in Let's talk luggage!   
    I got one in 1997 and bought a replacement in 2014.  They never ripped, snagged or failed on me.  It also serves as the IDEAL laundry bag once you're there.  Easy to spot on the carousel, too.  Lacks some mobility features of newer models. 🤣

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    Bob_KY reacted to Neesa in NEVER EVER NEVER AGAIN   
    Welcome to the forum, I absolutely feel your anger. But you reached out, that's good. Craft an non emotional email to the CEO Michael Bailey. He has staff that answer for him, [email protected] rccl.com I do not believe they would condone or support these actions, but if they are unaware they should know this is happening. 
    Explain your situation not the awful experience as your intended result is to be made whole, you can complain about the (ahem) questionable customer service separately (we here all have experienced the same hold times and odd if not always different answers) 
    And finally once this is corrected connect with your preferred travel agent, we all here like MEI travel and I promise you they will take the BEST care of You! 
    I wish you well, many of us here have a situation too, but I do have MEI in my corner so I am not where you are, YET. 
    Good luck, please I hope to see you on a future sailing. Stay safe and healthy.
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    Bob_KY reacted to Ampurp85 in Never booked with a travel agent before   
    Some TA will charge you a fee or are trying to increase commission. We are big on MEI which doesn't charge you anything. Try one of them, they will answer quickly.
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    Bob_KY reacted to mworkman in Windjammer love it or hate it?   
    Right now i wish i was cruising and had the option to go to the windjammer, sure beats no option!
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    Bob_KY reacted to Marlena in What if COVID-19 Never Goes Away?   
    Exactly!!! I also have worked in healthcare for about 16 years and am seeing it here as well. As well as 80something year olds taking all their meds at once because they don't want to live like this....
    In our hospital we have definitely seem an influx at the beginning. And ended up with most of our patients because the long term care facilities have basically shown to be a disaster. At most we had 32ish in ICU. Now have been holding steady at under 15 for last while. Very manageable for the system so far.
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    Bob_KY reacted to Kcusack89 in What if COVID-19 Never Goes Away?   
    The amount of people who are ignoring their own health because the media has them terrified they will catch covid are astonishing. Worked on a woman last week who had a stroke but was to scared to come into the ER when her symptoms first presented. She said the news said she would be a burden on us if she came in. It's heart breaking.
    The truth of the matter is the hospitals in my state were not overun or at the brink of collapse at any point of covid 19. The media scared people to death when they shouldn't have been scared. And now my governor is changing his tune saying quarantine wasn't just for hospitals 😑
    Fauci goes back and forth with what he thinks covid will do in the fall and even with quarantining or not quarantining
    No one knows what will happen and some people we have in power are just trying to save face at this point. It's disgusting.
    I feel for all those who are ignoring their own health and who may very well die from soemthing that couldn't have been treated all bc of being worried about covid 19
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    Bob_KY reacted to Kcusack89 in What if COVID-19 Never Goes Away?   
    Precisely this. It's just the way viruses work. The go away they come back they go away they come. This one has been dying down since April. Yes it's worse then the regular flu but I can all but guarantee that if there is a new wave in the fall we will not quarantine like we did these last few months. It won't happen. Yes the virus was deadly but it's long term effects on businesses and economies world wide is insane. Many will be suffering for a very long time.
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    Bob_KY reacted to steverk in What if COVID-19 Never Goes Away?   
    I think we need to keep perspective here. This isn't the first pandemic, or even the worst pandemic we've faced.
    Most recent one I remember is the Hong Kong flu of 1968/69. It is remarkably similar to Covid in many ways.
    The US death toll was 100,000, which on a percentage basis is worse.
    How did we respond then? We put men on the moon and celebrated with a ticker tape parade in Times Square.  We held Woodstock.  Royal Caribbean started sailing just a few years later.
    A vaccine was in development, but the virus burned out before it was available. 
    I expect something similar with Covid 
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    Bob_KY got a reaction from RCIfan1912 in MEI Travel Agency   
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    Bob_KY got a reaction from AnnetteJackson in MEI Travel Agency   
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    Bob_KY got a reaction from Baked Alaska in MEI Travel Agency   
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    Bob_KY reacted to WAAAYTOOO in MEI Travel Agency   
    MEI is awesome !  They are a full-service Travel Agency and actually began as Disney specialists so they handle all kinds of travel and service all of the cruise lines.
    I use Michelle Cunningham
    [email protected]
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    Bob_KY reacted to mworkman in QUIZ ON FACE MASKS: WOULD YOU CRUISE AGAIN IF   
    A. No
    B. No
    C. No Unrealistic and unavoidable ...dinning, lounges, shows and events on the ship.
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    Bob_KY reacted to ellcee in QUIZ ON FACE MASKS: WOULD YOU CRUISE AGAIN IF   
    Yes. Yes. Yes. Not saying I'd be thrilled but GET ME ON A SHIP.
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    Bob_KY reacted to FionaMG in Your Next Move?   
    We had Allure booked for this September, with a first-ever sampling of My Time dining, so the first thing I did after we booked the cruise was to book all our dining times. Then when we L&S'd it to Harmony next year, within five minutes of receiving the confirmation of the switch, I had re-booked them all! 
    Apart from that, I check the cruise planner every day (sometimes twice - can you say "obsessive"?!), essentially for internet and excursions, but also keeping an eye out on dining bargains. Anything I'm interested in I note down date & price and track them till I see a price I'm happy to pull the trigger on.
    Problem at the moment is September 2021 is soooooo far away... 😢
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    Bob_KY reacted to JLMoran in Your Next Move?   
    Since I like to live blog and my kids are teenagers, I try to get a sale on the internet package. Apart from that, I just check daily for a Refreshment Package sale for my wife and kids, and a DBP sale for me that gets the price below $50 / night. But I hedge my bets and get the Refreshment Package for me on the same sale, just in case the DBP sale never shows up.
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    Bob_KY got a reaction from USFFrank in Your Next Move?   
    Michelle (MEI) just booked us with a February Oasis Cruise (St Kitts, St Thomas, Coco Cay). 
    My first move was reserving a Chill Island Cabana.
    Second move, taking advantage of a cruise planner sell, the unlimited dining package.
    What are your next actions when you first book a cruise?
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    Bob_KY got a reaction from JLMoran in Favorite after-dinner drink   
    Okay, bourbon guy here.  Woodford or Blantons neat (not very lucky on Royal cruises for this).    But, refreshing is 150C's cucumber martini.  I order 2 every time.
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    Bob_KY reacted to KathyC in Favorite after-dinner drink   
    I enjoy a toasted almond before retiring.  It's kahula, amaretto & cream.  Nice, soothing, relaxing drink. 
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    Bob_KY got a reaction from Ogilthorpe in Favorite after-dinner drink   
    Okay, bourbon guy here.  Woodford or Blantons neat (not very lucky on Royal cruises for this).    But, refreshing is 150C's cucumber martini.  I order 2 every time.
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    Bob_KY reacted to Marlena in QUIZ ON FACE MASKS: WOULD YOU CRUISE AGAIN IF   
    I never thought about piano man...I'm completely crushed!
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    Bob_KY reacted to mook1525 in What’s your deal breaker?   
    1. Wearing a mask
    2. 14 day quarantine upon return
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    Bob_KY reacted to tonyfsu21 in What’s your deal breaker?   
    Once RC resumes cruising what would be your deal breaker in regards to a new safety protocol or something that is modified or cancelled all together? Example: face masks at the pool.
    For me it’s gotta be lack of access to speciality dining, time restrictions in the casino, cancellation of the sunset sail away party and making a reservation to swim in the pool. I think at that point I will officially give up on cruise vacations until something changes. 
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    Bob_KY reacted to PhillyLady in Arriving early for cruise   
    Hi BB1,
    I highly recommend arriving a day early rather than flying in the same morning. Miami is a destination unto itself.
    My cancelled April RC cruise was set to sail out of Miami and I had researched a dozen different hotels I would like to stay in pre-cruise, from Miami beach to the Seminole Hard Rock and so forth.  One of our favorites is the Loew's--great pool!  I love the busy energy and vibe of South Beach! I sometimes go to Miami just for a few days, no cruise included.
    You do not say where you are coming from or how long you will have been flying. You may be sleepy and not really want to do much that early, but there is nothing MORE boring than sitting in the cruise terminal waiting for boarding to begin, since cabins aren't ready anyway. 
    If you want to splurge and take an Uber or a taxi, you can squeeze in some sightseeing.
    Fun Miami activities I have done:
    Nearby the ports area is Jungle Island-- a fun place to visit.
    Beautiful Vizcaya combines history and gardens.
    Duckboat tours of millionaire's row.
    Breakfast at the Biltmore, Coral Gables.
    Strolling and shopping South Beach.
    Just don't be late and miss the muster or you will have to do it the next day!
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