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  1. We're on the July 15th sailing. That one is currently still doing Canada. Price has also dropped a bit. I saved $600 last week.
  2. I vaguely remember that 60 days is the magic number. But I could very well be wrong as I've never done that through NC. And the 9 night is no longer going to Canada. @Chadster is on that sailing and it's going to Bermuda now.
  3. It's exactly what @Matt and @WAAAYTOOO described. You can feel the slight gap in between them but we have never had a situation where the beds have actually split apart and we've gotten stuck in between. They put the fitted sheet over too so it smooths it out a bit.
  4. You only pay higher gratuities on GS and above. ...and the panoramic suites
  5. Wow! That is quite generous of them! Awesome!
  6. +1 for yes! Especially if you are a solo cruiser.
  7. Haha! @rshov, Raye beat me to it but I was going to say the same thing! Looking at your pics and reading this makes me really wish that a pandemic didn’t ruin our plans. Really enjoying this too.
  8. Is it just me, or is this thread really painful to look at? 😩😢
  9. We have an aft JS booked for Odyssey inaugural. It will be our first aft cabin. Sure hope we will be able to go!
  10. I miss CK!! 😩 I have to keep cooking dinner these days!
  11. @rshov reading this brings a smile to my face as you and Rebecca remind me of Hubby and I. We also stumbled onto Adventure of the Seas, total newbies, flew in the morning of, and almost missed our flight and cruise. I laugh at my 20 something year old self then. We fell in love with cruising right away. From Adventure, we sailed two more RC ships before sailing on Oasis. We were in such awe when we stepped on board her! Cannot wait to read the rest of this blog. And thank you for the distraction.
  12. Yes. That is correct. The FCC should reflect cruise fare only. Others come back separately. @WannaCruise I am assuming you got your back then right? Still nothing for us.
  13. @jaullram thank you for such a great distraction and taking the time to do this. One question that I have been wondering through this blog. With a large group, did you find it hard to organize dinners/shows/activities together or did Yen make it pretty seamless?
  14. It is not a reflection of your actual C&A status. It is a fun thing that @Matt created and its related to the number of posts you make. As you post more, the status will change.
  15. I also came to realization during the first round of cancellations that a good TA is so valuable! I had my back up cruise booked a few days before our actual sailing got cancelled. It makes it more bearable lol.
  16. Other than being #TeamDeck17, I like Deck 12 the best.
  17. I am with you 💯 on all those points. I feel like every day their PR nightmare just gets worse and worse.
  18. @Chadster inside info tells me that they are literally all over the place today. Maybe give it a few days before you decide anything.
  19. @mworkman I like you a whole lot but I'm sorry...that looks so unappetizing! 🤢😄
  20. I was also part of the first round of cancellations. Nothing came back yet, no taxes and fees, no shore excursion charges, and no FCC.
  21. I just found out this morning, that your FCC can be expedited in that case. A TA needs to call on your behalf.
  22. Actually you can. If you call RC direct, their agents can also hold until May 31st for you. I've heard of a few who did that and it worked. But I prefer to work with a TA.
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