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  1. Lol...never say never. There sometimes is that freak March snowstorm. But yes, a day early you likely will be ok. I just wouldn't take my chances day of, not with Spirit or any other airline. And if worse comes to worse, @AndrewPunch (hopefully I remembered correctly) had a great story a while back about a delay and driving from Atlanta to Florida!
  2. @twangster....love the pics...out of reactions though. We had the vegetable plank last time on Harmony and I agree, the flavours were delicious. Can you get a mix of the vegetable and meat plank? Is that what you meant by getting both? I am getting hungry again looking at these pics. And I missed the polenta chips last time because hubby said it was too much food but I am getting it for sure in 46 days! Not sure if you tried the tiramisu yet but that is also in your Section O Row M Seat G. I am so glad I re-booked again! Already planning my meal in my head!
  3. 2 questions: Is it a direct flight from ATL to FLL? and Are you flying in a day early? If yes to both, then I personally would bit the bullet and do it, even though I hate Spirit. March prices are crazy and have been for months. @JLMoran and I have discussed endlessly how crazy the March prices are into Florida. If no to either one of those then I would probably not do it because Spirit is notorious for not being on time right? So if you're not flying in a day early, it's too much of a risk IMO. And if it's not a direct flight and you have 3 kids, the airport waiting game is n
  4. Pics please. Some of us are having just boring homemade pasta tonight....
  5. What? Really? I always thought it could only be done once. I'm sure it's booked fully now for our March cruise but I will have to look again. Thanks!
  6. @C_Pepper, welcome to the boards! We've done our share of Disney in recent years with our girls (tweens) and there are some differences between the two lines. There was a recap done here not too long ago (I'll attach it) that highlights some of the differences. I personally love RC. I have not been on the Adventure since my honeymoon so that was a while ago. I am not a Disney fanatic, neither are my kids, so the lack of constant parade of characters wherever you go is a welcomed relief. And the cost difference is huge. We've done 3 Disney cruises now and each time the cost of one
  7. With Star class, can you do ifly more than once (free of charge)? Or is it the same that anything beyond once is an additional fee?
  8. Maybe take a stroll on the lifeboat deck and measure those rails too?
  9. We teachers are eventually going to run into each other lol.
  10. That ship is next on my list! Let me know as soon as summer 2020 bookings come out please
  11. Thanks for that pic Matt! I was trying to figure out what on Earth that was lol. And yes, after seeing the pic, they had them in CK on Harmony in August 2017. But not every night.
  12. @WAAAYTOOO off topic a bit but do you know if there are priority lines for Star class for activities such as flowrider, ifly, bumper cars, skating, etc.?
  13. Every once in a while they offer 20% or so off the on board reg. price. Sale prices have ranged lately from as low as $41/day to about $53/day. There's no logic to it. It varies greatly by ship and sailing. You just have to keep checking your cruise planner. We once took a poll here on these boards and many of us check it daily or at least several times a week. If you see a discount, you can always buy it and cancel and re-price it if it goes lower. Your cruise planner closes 3 days prior to sailing so you can do it as often as needed before then. That still doesn't solve your problem
  14. Haha...one more question...where did you go to find this out?
  15. Thanks for checking! So if we bought the two device plan then they can look up what is used under one code and not the other? Is that what they mean by "usage by user"?
  16. That sounds a lot like us. With both of us working and running around with tweens, we cherish our once a year kid free cruise. We would gladly take a cruise to nowhere but I have learned from @twangster why those do not really happen any more.
  17. Well, not newly weds so we must be not adventurous
  18. Oh, good point. Forgot that one. That's what happens when you are lazy cruisers like us and don't even get off on port days
  19. Ever watch "The Lorax"? lol. That's what that last comment reminds me of. There is lots of debate over whether or not it is worth it. We personally have gone with and without in the past. Lately we have gone with it. It is nice not having to keep tabs on drinks and have a constant supply of bottled water in our stateroom (we drink a lot of water so that alone makes it worthwhile for us). And it's not just alcohol, it's all your premium coffee, smoothies (without protein powder), fresh juices. @Matt wrote a piece about it just this past week for more info. https://www.royalcari
  20. New Year cruise! I am so envious! I have found that Christmas/New year prices are the craziest. Even more expensive than Spring Break and summer.
  21. They have really clamped down on this. From what I know, currently, even if you are exempted you would still have to purchase the refreshment package for the adult who is exempted.
  22. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Ovation-of-the-Seas Go down to your cabin category and click on "details".
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